I don’t want keep paying the CSA if the child is not mine

February 28, 2014

i was going with a girl for 8months i called into see her just out of the blue caught her in bed with another fella witch later i found out was her ex from a few years ago, as you can think my head was all over the place then she send me a txt to say she was having a baby and i was the father this was about 3/4 weeks after i caught her i tried to work out the last time we slept and it was 2 weeks before i caught her, she kept saying it was mine

right lets get to the issue, over the 9 months she was sending me texts and facebook messages i have kept them all as proof saying i was not getting any were near the baby and that i will never find out if it was mine to ill be taking you to court for DNA and report you to CSA

so about 3/4 months ago she took me to court i went and she never had to go so i was asked to do a DNA test for the courts as she requested it so i was happy to do this so i done all the work that was needed and back to court again and now its been tossed out of court the judge was not happy that she had 3 times to get her side sorted for the DNA tests,

now what i would like to know if she refused to do DNA tests for the courts should i still be paying the CSA or could i claim the money back or have it stopped until sometime she takes a test for the DNA.

i don’t want keep paying the CSA if the child is not mine plus am not on the birth certificate.

if we do the DNA tests and the child is mine i would like my name on it plus i would like to see the child tho if she has her way i would maybe never see the child.

I am at my whits end

February 28, 2014

hi, I split up with ma ex and now she wont let me see my son without hur being there. we tried to be aduilts but it turned out the money that a was giving hur was getting spent in the pub.

she was spending money that a was macking in the army to go out and get pissed so when a stoped giving hur money and started getting hur stuff for my son she stoped me seeing my son its bad enuff that I am away a lot of the time with the army she is trying to use this agent me a don’t think this is right at all.

I am the one that has the job the house and the car but yet cant get my son 2 days and nights a week when am home can someone help me with this please as I am at my whits end with all this its hard for a 22 year old to go throw.

This has broken me

February 28, 2014

I have three children, three boys. two with X wife, one with another parther. I have a great relationship with my x partner, pay for lad direct, and have a great relationship with him. I was paying csa for all three willingly. my x closed her case, my x wife didnt, thats fine. but 15 months ago, she met someone else. she told me, byemail that she didnt wantme to have anything to do with the boys any more. this broke my heart, i went round, she threatened me wit the police etc. she then wrote again saying she didnt want too see me again but also didnt want any money off me. she has since disappeared.

i instructed a solicitor to trace her and we think we have found an address. however, she is not responding to court documents re access.. however, thats for another day as its ongoing. I changed job. etc, stopped paying csa, as my other x was happy with arrangement and x wife said she was closing the case. my new employee got a letter last week asking for my salary details as they want to deduct money for arrears.. I rang them immediatley and have beein in dialogue with them. however, whilst they acknowledge my x said close the claim, they cannot trace her. they have written to her, emailed her, and tried to call her but they cant trace her.. however, because of this they cannot close the case and are now threatening to take out up to 25% of my salary to cover arrears.

this has broken me. if they do that, I cant continue my court action, she does not want this money. she written to me to tell methis and she has disappeared. however, the csa say they need to pay these arrears.. despite her not wanting it and not knowing where she is. this will break me , totally. i would pay fo rmy kids. i have no issues. i have written confirmatino of letters, emails etc sent begging to see my children. however. no response bar the email from ehr saying she is closing the case . can the csa do this to me, even though they cannot trace her??? please help. and sorry for typos. i am typing on a phone. any help or advise would be appreciated.

Are they allowed to just take money like this?

February 27, 2014

I split up with my ex when my daughter was 4 and always used to give her money and buy my daughter anything she needed then a few years ago i had a letter off the csa saying i owed them thousands since the date my ex put in her claim and because i have no proof that i was giving her money they said i have to pay this and the fact that it has been more than 3 years i can not even appeal it.

They set up an deduction from earnings order and at first tried to take £140 a week off me to help clear the arrears as well i spoke to them and told them of my situation with my partner and my other child this was to much and i cn not afford this. they then put the payments down to £60 a week which is managable (only just) but then just before christmas 2013 i got signed off work with a bad knee and had to see a number of speacialists and had to have an mri scan on it now i have been back at work for two week after 7 weeks on ssp (which is no where near enough to live off) to have my first proper wage deducted by £140 again because they said i still have to poay for the weeks i was off and they catching up on the arrears… now ssp is only about £86 a week and they still wanting me to pay the £60 for each of them weeks so technically i a was only allowed £26 a week to live off which is morally wrong!!

Me and my family really struggled when i was off sick and when thought was going to able start get ourselves back on our feet these robbing t******s are allowed to do this…… can they do this??? is this right?? and to top it all i have not seen my daughter now for 3 yrs as her mother has not let me but me and my partner have treid everything and now have to find an extra £215 for an application for a court order to try and see her as we both miss her so much please please help any advice i would be truely greatful as i am at a loose end and dont know what to do… thanks

Letter received from the Australian CSA

February 27, 2014


I have received a letter from the Australian CSA, as my daughter moved out their in 2012 at which point a verbal agreement was in place to use any previous CSA payments so I could keep in contact with my daughter e.g. flights & accommodation

can anyone help
or had dealings with CSA out of the UK…

can they contact me direct or do the UK courts get involved


Lies and cover-ups we wish to bring to light

February 26, 2014

Hi, our matter with the CSA has been on going since 1999 and still remains unresolved until date. The CSA actually deducted earnings from my fathers account which meant that he had to cease trading of his business.There had been several reported change of circumstances with the CSA failed to take into account. At the time the court actually granted a life style reward.

We have successfully appealed the departure decision at a tribunal hearing in 2012 which meant that the departure decision dropped from 2009 onwards. We are still fighting to drop the departure decision from where the departure was applied in 2003. The PWC has consistently lied and deceived the courts on believing her sob stories, it did catch up with her eventually. Our next battle is to drop the departure decision from the day it was applied as the CSA had made grave mistakes which lead to an unjust result. We now wish to bring the lies of the PWC’s and the cover up of the CSA to light. Is this something you can help with.

Front up to them if you know you’re in the right

February 26, 2014

I’ve been to hell and back with the CSA over the past 8 years, culminating this year in them deducting £900 a month from my salary, leaving me barely enough to pay the rent on my home, and giving me a credit rating that will take me years to recover from.

When I received another deductions form earning order for the next 12 months of a similar amount, enough was enough. I wrote to them asking for a full breakdown of their assessment. When I received it, I downloaded bank statements from the last 8 years and reconciled it all. I worked out, they actually owed me £5000, rather than me owing them that! I wrote a letter threatening legal action if I didn’t hear from them within 7 days (with copies of all the bank statements), and today I had a phone call from their complaints department.

A cheque is on it’s way to me for the full amount, and they won’t ask me for any more money for 3 months. The lesson for me here, don;t roll over and accept what they say is correct, front up to them if you know you’re in the right!

What an absolute nightmare!

February 26, 2014

Hi, i just want to say what an absolute nightmare the csa have been,which has almost resulted in the break up of my marriage.

I work part time working only 10 hours a week, school times only,this means that 13 weeks of the year i don’t get any pay due to school closure’s. the csa have told me that i have to pay 15 pounds a week including arrears out of 80 pounds a week wage,which i have no problem paying, but what the csa has been doing for the last 4 years is taking extra money from my low wage without any warning ie because i had’nt worked for two weeks due to a school holiday they would therefore take the extra 30 pounds from my wage which would total 45 pounds out of my 80 leaving just 35 pounds.

My argument is that if i don’t get any wage coming in or claim any benefits for the 13 weeks of the year, then should i be paying anything at all as its classed as 0 earnings,but what they say goes.

Mother took my son to Essex without informing me

February 25, 2014

My son that’s nine years old lives in Essex and i live in hull i pay £160 pound a month in petrol to collect and return him home i have him the last weekend of every month and and half of school holidays

The mother of my child decided to move there without informing me and took a year to track them down plus i have another child on the way i also pay for all his food clothes and toys when hes in my care and shes complaining i do nothing and pay nothing were do i stand please

I’ve missed out on payments because they didn’t listen

February 25, 2014

My ex is self employed builder you know the ones who work cash in hand and don’t pay for their kids ! I had complained as I know he pays his credit card more then he states he earns and they do nothing , I tried last year in june to get them to check his end of tax as I had complained to the bloke that gives him work is he did tax free id go to the tax office and he was paying him more through the bank. after all this time they went to him asked what he earned in 2012/20113 helpful as uasul he said ask the tax office my csa was fiest yeat 1.69 and the next year 10,00 it didn’t even pay school dinner !lol then this year it was 15.00 now as they checked it 32,00 ! now they want to pay me from this jan

I feel its unfair as he has had that for the full year so it should be back dated till last april they said you didn’t tell us but I did they just didn’t listen . if my ex earned that amount for the year that’s what he should pay how do I have a hope in hell !!id like a reply mr camron?

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