Lying ex using son as a way to get more money out of me!

January 31, 2018

I had a fling with a girl when I was 22 ( i.e 2002 ) and from this we had a son. She went against her mums wishes to get rid of the child thus she kept it. He will be 15 in January 2018. When he was very young me and his mother used to argue a lot as she would persist in using him as a weapon only allowing me to have access whenever it suited her.

I pursued with Lawyers over a number of years however that never really resolved the issue. On 1 occasion myself and his mother had a huge fallout which resulted in me being arrested for a minor assault charge. I’ve since found out within the last year his mother had planned the arrest and lied about it so I could not have further access and not be part of his life.

There was also a period of about 18 months way back through 2010 – 2011 where we agreed I would give her cash every month for my son. Approximately £150 per month. I did not think at the time to do a bank transfer for records. This was also at a time when my Ex would allow access. Over the years I have paid CSA however there has been some occasions I have refused to pay CSA as I felt it wasn’t fair as I was not seeing him.

It has since turned out that she reported me to the CSA stating I had not paid her over the period between 2010 – 2011. This has resulted recently in myself since July 2017 having to pay back backdated funds up to £450 per month presumably to cover costs of the already mentioned period. So in this instance I have been charged double the amount for a 15 year old child I have seen on and off for about 7 – 8 years of his life.

CSA are leaving me with a fiver a week for food

January 31, 2018

Got wages yesterday and now paying csa I get £1500 per month and now I have this csa To pay at £100 per week I can’t afford to live Got flat council tax etc . I no there my children I’ve not seen them since 22/07/16 and now get this .ive worked out all My finances with out petrol and food Once everything is pay wow I’m left with £25 It costs me £20 per week petrol to get to work So I have £5 a week for food . I can’t get deposits for new smaller flat now . Don’t no what to do now Lives shot.

Violent ex won’t pay the correct amount for our daughter

January 30, 2018

I’ve got to say to u abt my ex-husband never paid for his daughter from CSA in 2013 to 2014 . Her father who works at Taxi driver from his self employer because he has packing of his lies abt his earnings for his Muslim accountant to helping him to do with his business from London. He’s earning abt £800 to £1,000 for 7 days a wk for his full time of 24hrs . Her father was giving for his daughter £93,50 in per month not enough for her, foods , clothes, singing lesson she want, and etch. He is misleading abt his earning for business of his taxi driver. Her father must pay for his daughter £500 to £ 600 in per mth. He has got his girlfriend and he has affairs with his girlfriend when his daughter was two yrs old . Her father was threatened to her and me. He was violence abusive to e to smack my face too hard to damaging in my neck injury to effecting my spinal cervical damages of 5/6/7 discs and y left shoulder has damaged inside of cracks. I’m disabled person. This was true. Fr Sarah ( profoundly deaf )

CSA will lie to get you to go away!

January 30, 2018

I’m a dad who has paid for his son and seen him as much as possible throughout his 9 years of life. Not so long ago his mum lied to the Csa that I had not paid for him. This was a lie. I have all the bank statements to prove these arrears are faulse. I asked for date so I could print the bank statements and high light the payments. I sent this in!

At the same time my car had to go the garage for water pump and head gasket. Plus a hire car to get to work. Not cheap. I’m self employed so no work no income.

Whilst the car was in the garage a deduction order dipped into my account and took including admin £1300 pretty much most of my money.

I phoned and was asked to prove that I neede the money back for the car. I asked how and Susan walker who was responsible for taking the money said to send a quote for the work! I did this and when I spoke to her next she said this was insufficient….. set up like a fool there I think! Of course she not going to tell me what to do to get money back! Neither does she care.

I now have my dad on their case as I don’t have the time it takes to do all the phone calls to speak to anyone to get answers. He now says they’re a joke and tell you anything to get rid of you… we just can’t get a straight answer… even tho we proved they are wrong they have now moved the goal posts!!!

Some mates at work joked they would be all having a nice Christmas on me! Turns out the reason Susan Walker didn’t respond is cis she’s been on holiday… did I pay for that????!

Seems to me from everything I’ve found out is tgat if you are a stand up parent they screw you to make up for the ones who don’t give a toss!!

Take all the money out your bank!! I now have no money to spend at Christmas or to fix car properly soon won’t be able to get to work due to being screwed by this lot!! Not helpful but a sick twisted joke!