Extortionate arrears with CSA – help needed!

January 26, 2021

It started in 2010 but I never knew about the csa until 2016,as I was paying for my children through their mom.

2016,I received a letter stating I owed £40,000 in unpaid csa. I phoned them and they wouldn’t listen so I asked for the sar,which I did receive,so then I started the complaints process,which did nothing only them telling me I owed that large amount.

The star was saying that I had a liability order which I never received as it went to an address I wasn’t living at and phone calls that I never knew who’s number it was as not mine.

There was a load of letters that was sent to addresses I wasnt at so I couldn’t fight against any of it.

I then got my full work history from HMRC’s,as I knew I told csa at some point I was claiming benefits but they had put me down as working. I sent them my work history but they never wanted to know just telling me I owed this ridiculous amount £40.000.

I cant see what I’m supposed to do next and I’m beside myself with worry as I’m in a new relationship but I have this over my head and will do for the rest of my life.

I have been in touch with ice but they cant do anything as the csa wont write a letter saying they wont look into it any further although they’ve told me that over the phone.

Why should I have a huge debt over my head that I dont owe,I have my work history to prove I was never earning the £600 a week they said. I was on benefits and can prove it.

If anyone can help please I’m desperate!

Advice to those dealing with the CSA

January 5, 2021

Happy New Year to all you poor bastards struggling to make sense of the CSA (or whatever they call themselves these days) and their actions.

It’s a particularly troubling time of the year for many. Bet you’re wondering will all this ever go away… ? For me it did but it only stopped 2 years ago and I was a ‘customer’ of theirs from the very beginning. That’s a lot of years and I cannot say I came out unscathed , mentally. Many of the situations in stories told here I have had happen to me over the years. I don’t trust the CSA. Even though I have a letter from the CSA saying they are no longer pursuing my case I am still looking over my shoulder.

If you are relatively new to dealing with the CSA and they are making your life hell, my advice is to emigrate. A big step, I know but if you want rid it’s what you have to do. What the CSA do to men would be against the Human Rights Act if the details were ever to be exposed properly.

Anyway, best of luck guys, and don’t let them wear you down.

CMS taking my money even though I’ve already paid!

January 4, 2021

I have been getting treated and harassed from CM. For the last 10 years treated with jail sentence etc.

I work offshore. I have 4 kids to 2 woman 1 which I have an agreement and the other has gone to cm I paid both of them £600 a month then 1 of them got greedy.

I paid the money into her bank under maintenance but she went to cm and said I had not paid anything and they accepted that as I had a good wage. Because I did not put child maintenance I have to pay her the last 10years of arrears which I already paid her.

They work it out on your wage before tax so I get taxed 40% they take 40% of what is left and I get 20% of my wage I’ve tried to deal with these people but there is no talking to them. They don’t take into account my agreement I have with the other mother or that I have a new partner which is pregnant I now have to give up my house as I can’t afford it so myself and pregnant girlfriend are now homeless.

There is no point going back to work I get £600 out of £2,200 a week I then have to pay my other ex partner which leaves me £300 a week as I am on a 2 on 2off rotation I don’t get paid when I am off I think they have breached my and my pregnant partners human rights but they just want there money they also take 24% of payment as a process fee. I took out loans and credit cards to pay them now I can’t pay the bank they have now drove a wedge between myself and ex partner and I hardly get to see my children now but she has a new car a nice new house on my expense. I don’t even have a place to live ha ow is this fair?!!!!!

Some times I wonder what is the point but I have to keep going for my kids it’s not there fault if any one has any advice please get in touch