CMS taking my money even though I’ve already paid!

January 4, 2021

I have been getting treated and harassed from CM. For the last 10 years treated with jail sentence etc.

I work offshore. I have 4 kids to 2 woman 1 which I have an agreement and the other has gone to cm I paid both of them £600 a month then 1 of them got greedy.

I paid the money into her bank under maintenance but she went to cm and said I had not paid anything and they accepted that as I had a good wage. Because I did not put child maintenance I have to pay her the last 10years of arrears which I already paid her.

They work it out on your wage before tax so I get taxed 40% they take 40% of what is left and I get 20% of my wage I’ve tried to deal with these people but there is no talking to them. They don’t take into account my agreement I have with the other mother or that I have a new partner which is pregnant I now have to give up my house as I can’t afford it so myself and pregnant girlfriend are now homeless.

There is no point going back to work I get £600 out of £2,200 a week I then have to pay my other ex partner which leaves me £300 a week as I am on a 2 on 2off rotation I don’t get paid when I am off I think they have breached my and my pregnant partners human rights but they just want there money they also take 24% of payment as a process fee. I took out loans and credit cards to pay them now I can’t pay the bank they have now drove a wedge between myself and ex partner and I hardly get to see my children now but she has a new car a nice new house on my expense. I don’t even have a place to live ha ow is this fair?!!!!!

Some times I wonder what is the point but I have to keep going for my kids it’s not there fault if any one has any advice please get in touch