Extortionate arrears with CSA – help needed!

January 26, 2021

It started in 2010 but I never knew about the csa until 2016,as I was paying for my children through their mom.

2016,I received a letter stating I owed £40,000 in unpaid csa. I phoned them and they wouldn’t listen so I asked for the sar,which I did receive,so then I started the complaints process,which did nothing only them telling me I owed that large amount.

The star was saying that I had a liability order which I never received as it went to an address I wasn’t living at and phone calls that I never knew who’s number it was as not mine.

There was a load of letters that was sent to addresses I wasnt at so I couldn’t fight against any of it.

I then got my full work history from HMRC’s,as I knew I told csa at some point I was claiming benefits but they had put me down as working. I sent them my work history but they never wanted to know just telling me I owed this ridiculous amount £40.000.

I cant see what I’m supposed to do next and I’m beside myself with worry as I’m in a new relationship but I have this over my head and will do for the rest of my life.

I have been in touch with ice but they cant do anything as the csa wont write a letter saying they wont look into it any further although they’ve told me that over the phone.

Why should I have a huge debt over my head that I dont owe,I have my work history to prove I was never earning the £600 a week they said. I was on benefits and can prove it.

If anyone can help please I’m desperate!