The CMS click and collect will see my partner’s payments double!

January 31, 2019

My partner has been paying CSA/CMS payments for years now. Every year his ex has tried over and over to get more and more money. He made the stupid mistake of doing overtime the year after my daughter was born to try and make up the huge loss to support my little girl. A year later he got a letter saying they had taken all his overtime into account and the payments surged. After a year of him not doing any overtime his payments were £320 a month. Then we had a letter a few months later saying it would go up to £350… had years of it changing constantly. But was reassured that it would stay at £350 as his salary was set in stone. So felt secure enough to have one more child for a sibling for my little girl.

I then heard about the ‘Collect and pay service’….and just knew as soon as his ex clocked it she would go for it. Even though it wouldn’t really benefit her and his payments would double just in charges to the CMS. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and have just had a letter through the door saying that she has decided she wants the collect and pay service and his payments will go up to £600 a month. Straight from his salary. If this happens we will have nothing left in the bank. No food, no clothes. I assumed that they could only do collect and pay if he missed a payment? Surely this is not right? He has been trying to contact the CMS about this since we received the letter and apparently the person he needs to talk to isn’t there…so made to suffer in silence not knowing what will happen to us. As if this is implemented my partner will either have to leave our home in order for me to get help to feed my daughters or leave work. He would have no other choice as we have to eat? I am in a state of shock. I never imagined the payments would go from £350 to £600. As the £350 is the correct amount!! Please help 🙁

CSA doesn’t give you chance to fix their errors before they ruin your life!

January 22, 2019

I have never been so ill treated by such an awfull company

my wife files for csa as she was not getting enough money out of me already so csa contact me with a letter asking me for to contact them which I did they ask me to send all deatails in there lovely envelopes they ask you to send back well send all details bank statement etc

2 weeks later I get a snorty letter saying I owe this much in csa so I phone them up and ask whats going on they say we never recived your paper work well so I resend all this paper work again whitin 1 day I get another letter same thing but with a new tariff csa money gone up in this time I asked for a expense decalarition from them as I travel nearly 200 miles every month just to pick me son up which this appeared through my letter box 4 months later

these people are not nice people to deal with they have no care are customer support by the time I tried to get me part sorted they went staright to me company for the money with out giving me the chance to sort this out so these people forced me to give up work best thing I done.

I’m writing about the CSA and I’m looking for items from 1994

January 21, 2019

I’m currently writing about my experience with the csa in 1994, a dark time in my life to say the least. Because the children were split up between both parents it caused massive confusion to an already useless system. say no more, I survived and the children have all grown up in spite of the csa. I’m trying to view some csa items from 1994, envelopes, letterhead, leaflets etc. [painfull reminders!] Is this anything you can help me with? There is just about nothing on the net from this far back. I remember the logo as being the word CHILD with a freehand line in it! I could even post the items back after viewing them / taking copies or just viewing some colour scans would be good. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

CSA incorrectly guessed my earnings and now CMS is taking me to court!

January 18, 2019

Any help or advice –

I had a case with the Csa and for one of the years they guessed my earnings obviously higher than they actually were. I had a conversation to advise them it was incorrect but I didn’t follow this up until 18 months later when they started chasing me for the debt. I then sent a letter advising this was incorrect and that they also have access to my self assessments via HRMC, shortly after this they applied for a liability order. I have since been to court and a repayment plan was agreed which I did advise at the time was too high in proportion to my earnings but this was ignored. I have now come to a quiet period at work and have no income- Speaking to CMS today and they don’t care and have advised it will be going back to court- no paperwork to this effect though.

I am hoping someone has been in a similar situation and can give me some advice.

Mainly how to Get CMS to review the amount earns in one specific year which has created the fictions arrears, I have my tax returns which show the amount earnt for the period in question.

Also with regards to court I am now being threatened with prison /having my license removed which still means I can’t pay the debt and will hinder me being able to.

CSA is still harassing me even though my case is closed

January 8, 2019

My reasons for using this site is i am quite sure the organization have been doing all they can to make my life a misery.My case with the csa should be closed as sometime has passed,but i am quite sure that is not the case.I do need some advice on this matter as i am not sure of the reason why they are continuing to harass me through out my personal life.It is wrong what they are doing and i need an explanation from who ever thinks they have the right to track me through out my life and cause me all this stress that i am enduring.Collectively i am having trouble with most organisations such as banks,council and even in my own workplace.All i want is to be left alone by these people so i can get on with my life and not have to deal with the problems they are causing in my life.They have taken there deductions from my wages and my payments where never missed,so for them to still be on my case even after my case has been closed i do not understand,i am quite sure it’s illegal.So if any one can give some advice on this matter that i am going through i would appreciate your help.There is a lot more i have to say but i need to find out if anyone else is experiencing this sort of harassment.