CSA made up arrears I do not owe!

January 29, 2010

I recently recieved a letter from the CSA detailing my payments for the previous year. I was surprised to see I had been paying £156 extra each month in arrears, especially as I didn’t owe any! I had had arrears and had cleared them in a one off payment in Jan 2008 and had been assured that this was the end of the matter.

When I rang the CSA about this apparent overpayment of about £2000 they at first denied I was paying any arrears and later back pedalled and said I had obviously missed a payment since the one off payment, this of course did not happen.

How do I get this money back? Surely as this is obviously a goverment mistake they should pay up and really they should compensate me for loss of interest on the money?

CSA say ‘We have agreed’ what I should pay?

January 28, 2010

I started paying CSA in 2004, after a phone call totally out of the blue, a lady turned up a couple of days later and asked to see my wage slips, she also told me i had arrears, because my ex made her claim in 2001, to be fair the CSA had sent me 15 letters unfortunately not to my address but to a house in a town i have never lived in, which of course i mentioned to this lady, she just told me they had been looking for me and i said not very hard cos’ you rang two days ago and your here today.

Anyway she sorted me out a pay schedule which i have been paying since 2004, it went down after a year as i had cleared my arrears in sept 09 i get a phone call of my ex (we get on really well) asking if the CSA had been in touch as they had rung her (they left me a message) so i rung them next day to be told i owed £4500 in arrears to which i asked HOW! as i am paying what you asked me to pay.

Within two weeks of this a lady in my works office called me in to tell me they had recieved an attachment of earnings from the CSA, so i rang them again and they said we had agreed (i agreed nothing and knew nothing about it until i was in the office) i immediately appealed and on the 30/11/09 my new amount came through and i was told i would hear from their accounts apartment since then i have been phoning the CSA to get this new payment sorted out, yesterday(27/01/10 they got back to me and i found out my weekly payment has gone up another £25.

now here’s the best bit i rung my ex today and here’s the deal i pay the CSA the CSA pay my ex, she keeps £50 and gives me the extra back, is that crazy or what?

this is just a basic outline cos’ if i went into it in detail i would be here all day

I am paying CSA but my wife’s ex isn’t

January 27, 2010

i have been paying csa since 2000. for my 3 children. this being £100. in 2004 my eldest came to live me me and my wife and our child. my payment increase from £100 to £130. i was then paying more for 2 children than i was paying for 3. how is this correct. in return i did a counter claim for my eldest. she had to pay me, wait for it, £2.50. how is this correct.

whilst paying the original the csa sent me some cheques back saying i had over paid.

in 2004 i had my case re accessed as i had 2 living with me and the 2 with the ex. as it went up and not down i rang the csa to find out why. no one could tell me. i was told to keep paying the same amount of £100 until some one could tell me the reason. it took 18 months to come up with the answer. my orginal case was on the old style assessing and now i was on the new one. thus it went up. with this i began paying the £130. then march last 2009 i was contacted to say i was in £1100 arrears. i was asked if i had a credit card i could pay it on straight away. how is this right.

i was gievn a week to pay it or a deo would be put on.

i rang back the next week but the deo had already been put on. i complained and the guy dealing with the case was told i was right and the order should not have been put on. if i paid half it would be taken. a result or so i thought. they would be in touch to collect the rest.

january 2010 i receive 2 letters . first is they have been told i have a change in circumstances and they need to see my wage slips. the other is that i have had deo sent to my employers to collect the arrears as agreed.

who agreed this? what as changed in my circumstances?

i rang them up yesterday. the deo that was put on in march was never taken off.

the arrears i owe is from the cheques that the csa sent me back and when i was told by the csa to not pay until i found out why it had gone up instead of down.

i have now been told again that the deo as been taken off and they need to see my wage slip as a matter of routine. is this correct could any one tell me.

my wife as never received a penny for our youngest in ten years at the last phone call he owed £24500. how is this correct

i have never missed a payment. now i am told i am in arrears through no fault of my own. i have had a deo put on me to collect the arrears and my wife still asnt had a penny.

any one help with this

CSA not helping Australian Agency to find British Father

January 24, 2010

My name is Robyn and I have a 5 year old daughter Kaylah, her father is David Jackson who lives in Tooting, London.

The Australian Child Support Agency is currently trying to locate David for outstanding child support for Kaylah. He currently owes $18 600 AUD and hasn’t paid any support for Kaylah who lives in Australia for 10 months.

This case was forwarded to the UK office in August 2009 for them to locate him and ask for answers. They have since said that they were unable to find him and they will no longer pursue him without current address details.

I have send emailed Mark Grimshaw only to be told that I am not a UK resident so they will not help me, although I was living there at the time she was conceived and I paid my NIN and taxes while residing there. Kaylah is a British citizen and I am to marry a British citizen next year. So that would make me a dual citizen.

David’s address was confirmed yet they still say I need to produce more details. Well isn’t their job to locate him once they have accepted the case and put him through the courts to support his only child??

David has perviously been investigated for tax evasion and fraud. He doesn’t pay National Insurance or taxes, isn’t that against the British law??? Plus David uses bank accounts in other peoples names so he can hide his true earnings. Fraud again!

I believe that David is collecting through the pensions office for his daughter Kaylah, something I have not authorized. This is illegal again.

I have run out of options and I am struggling to make ends meet. I trust that you will understand my situation and help me. A father has a legal responsibility for his children, no matter where he lives in the world.

Yours Sincerely,

CSA only go after the fathers

January 22, 2010

After splitting from my wife of five years I agreed to pay her direct in person £50.00 per week but as time grew she obviously thought she was entitled to more so she went to the csa .

They contacted me and I willingly filled in there forms and evaluations , only to discover that my now ex wife had told them that I had not paid her anything . I on the other hand had paid her in postal orders so had the evidence to prove I had paid her.  I was told by the csa to pay £25.00 per week so that is what I payed her week in week out till one day my oldest son turned up wanting to move in with me so I carried on paying. Then my middle son turned up wanting to move in so he did and i still then carried on paying csa. Then i got a letter from csa saying i have not been assesed for a while could i fill in a re evaluation form so i did and the result was that even though i had my oldest son and middle son living with me, which i never got a penny for apart from fammily allowence, i was in arrears of several thousand pounds so i quickly retalliated by claiming for my middle son as my oldest was at this time 16 and working.

She gave up her job in a shop and they obviously lied about her new partners earnings as i got £36 .00 per month . And i was paying £177.00 per month for my youngest son who lived with them. Also i was still in arrears of several thousand pounds still. I managed to get my ex to take direct payment I gave her £500 pounds which she aggreeed was settlement of the arrears in full and i payed her direct to a bank and so did she to me then my middle son started fulltime education and the payed till the end of his first year then stopped i carried on paying for my youngest till he left school last september and he started work .

I have since had a letter from csa saying that was it . Then out of the blue a phone call one day from csa asking me how i am going to settle the arrears and i said no i made an aggreement with my ex and they said she couldn’t make such agreement I also said that I was not paying anything till they sent me a complete explanation as to why i owed arrears as i always payed by D/D and never missed a payment.

I have twice requested such information and yet never recieved any,  seems to me they only persue the female side – I am still waiting csa.

CSA keep taking money even though amount is wrong

January 21, 2010

I am a parent without care. My ex partner gets csa for my 3 children.
The csa in 2007 where taking £74 a week off me even though i was only earning £500 a month in 2006 i nearly lost my 2 yr old boy to heart problems. I didn t work then from april to october as my boy was in great ormond street so i was in london with him, i was signed of sick so was only recieving £400 a month, the csa wanted £45 a week of me so in 2007 (nov) i put in a serious complaint to them and told them that my money coming out on a deduction of earnings was all wrong.
No one listened to me – they told me in 2008 that i was £7000 in arrears i know thats wrong to, this is still going on they take £250 a month out of my wages even though i have told them that this is wrong its making my life a misery. I cant afford to pay my bills and rent as well as keep my 2 children healthy, please can anyone help? I am not going to give up fighting i will get back 1 day what is owed to me.
I am desperate.

CSA tell me to claim benefits to pay them!

January 20, 2010

My son is 13.

3 Years ago he wanted to live with his father, so I agreed as he clearly didn’t want to be with me. I still had my daughter with me. My income at the time was only £700.00 per month (not enough to even cover my mortgage). All I got from my ex was £5.00 per week (even when I had both of my children with me).

As soon as my son moved out I was ordered to pay him £50+ pounds of this per month. When I explained that he was in reciept of over £2000.00 in benifits, Private health insurance and working tax credits they were not interested. I asked how I was supposed to support my daughter. Their response was to sell my house and go on benifts.

This didn’t happen as I have been brought up to earn your living. My parents helped me through this financial struggle and eventually my son was placed back in my care via social services. Good job I didn’t follow the CSA’s advice as when my son came home I was still able to put a roof over his head.

My Son has decided he is old enough to choose to live with his dad now (who wouldn’t when you can get away with anything, eat what you like, go to bed when you like, miss school when you like etc?) and never came home after school. His Dad picked him up and he has told me he is not coming home.

I am now petrified that this will cripple me financially. I will loose my WFT credits for him and also have to pay this man to have my child. I don’t even want him there, He should be at home with me, His mother, the person who gave brth to him. I certinly should not have to pay for the fact he has taken my son away from me.

I get a meare £5.00 per week off of him for my daughter why does she have to miss out because I am going be aprox £500 per month worse off. Why is the system so unfair? Help me before I lose everything.

My demands to the CSA

January 20, 2010

I want a judicial review on how much my case alone has cost the taxpayers (me being one of them) over the last 11 yrs!

I also want bank info accompanying all s/e accounts for maintenance assessments

I want the CSA to work with PI’s also.

I want the ‘old’ casses like mine to be reassessed with info from the Criminal Compliance Unit via the Credit Ref Agencies and then garnishee orders issued for the money or charging orders on property, pensions, etc.

I want the NRP to be done with contempt if they do not supply the info they are requested to give and also if they do not pay – and can pay and if the do not pay the correct amount or default on payments – can can pay.

I want contractors/sub contractors to be also liable i.e. DEO taken from them, like they are for Employers.

How does the CSA work out arrears?

January 19, 2010

Since the CSA has been involved i have paid everything they have asked, never failing.

I changed my job in august and sent the relevant payslips off and when they completed the assessment i was told i was £257 in arrears, fair enough, as it took them 3 months to do the assessment. When my new schedule of repayments came through, they were telling me to pay an extra £398.66 in January and an extra £142.62 in February, plus my increased normal amount.

The two amounts add up to more than what my arrears were on their letter, yet , when i have spoken to three different people on the phone, no-one can explain what it is for. I have had to pay this money out now so i am not breaking the law.

Apparently i will get it back if it is a mistake on their part, but no-one can seem to get to the bottom of this, i just keep getting fobbed off. In the meantime my ex is out spending my money on trips away for herself, not the kids, who i have got whilst she is away. Barmy!!!!

The Child Support Agency has ruined my life

January 19, 2010

I was introduced to the CSA, 16 years ago, what they have done to me in that time is not only discusting, cruel, and never unforgivable, it has pushed me to the point where I would quite honestly have pleasure in seeing each and every one of them suffer in a way I cannot describe here.

Lets forget my two homes,cars,holidays,and every thing I once owned,that can all be replaced in time,but to see my kids get skinny,walk around in crap clothing,and loose all the fun times,to watch the benifit cheats get away with fraud,deception,and so on,the list is so long.The csa promote all of this,and just like most of you parents out there,you can do nothing about it if you choose to be nice.

Abuse…Yes, when you speak to the csa,just remember what they are doing to you,get full names of all you talk too,times date,and remind them that the conversation is recorded, and if they so much as lie, cheat, try and bend things in any way,just tell them straight,let them know what arses they are,swear at them and be as abusive as you like, they could never use that recording against you because of all the mistakes and lies they tell.And let them know that you will go to court and drag their names through every paper, or toilet wall.

When you put the phone down it feels good, then pick it up and do it all over again, I did this for years, you will always be robbed by them, but one day they will be gone.


These people left me with nothing and a massive arrears debt, now I will right to the highest courts in europe, I have more figures, names, and proof of lies, than most, and I intend to use them.

Oh Caroline Mc nally, Almost 2 years talking to you, you dump me in the sh**, and then you left. Thank you.

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