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CSA made up arrears I do not owe!

I recently recieved a letter from the CSA detailing my payments for the previous year. I was surprised to see I had been paying £156 extra each month in arrears, especially as I didn’t owe any! I had had arrears and had cleared them in a one off payment in Jan 2008 and had been assured that this was the end of the matter.

When I rang the CSA about this apparent overpayment of about £2000 they at first denied I was paying any arrears and later back pedalled and said I had obviously missed a payment since the one off payment, this of course did not happen.

How do I get this money back? Surely as this is obviously a goverment mistake they should pay up and really they should compensate me for loss of interest on the money?

One thought on “CSA made up arrears I do not owe!

  1. csa are a waste of space my partner looked after his son since he was two until he decided to move to his mums at about twelve suddenly she wants csa even though she paid bugger all to us !!!my daughter is 14 and her dad is not interested but cause he is on so called benefits all im allowed is a fiver a week!!!cause my partner is honest she get s 140 pound a month even though she never bothered about her son most of his life!!!!according to my daughters dads facebook he has his own dj and karaoke business but csa obviously cant be bothered just pick on honest people who have actually looked after there own kids shocking !!!!!

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