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How does the CSA work out arrears?

Since the CSA has been involved i have paid everything they have asked, never failing.

I changed my job in august and sent the relevant payslips off and when they completed the assessment i was told i was £257 in arrears, fair enough, as it took them 3 months to do the assessment. When my new schedule of repayments came through, they were telling me to pay an extra £398.66 in January and an extra £142.62 in February, plus my increased normal amount.

The two amounts add up to more than what my arrears were on their letter, yet , when i have spoken to three different people on the phone, no-one can explain what it is for. I have had to pay this money out now so i am not breaking the law.

Apparently i will get it back if it is a mistake on their part, but no-one can seem to get to the bottom of this, i just keep getting fobbed off. In the meantime my ex is out spending my money on trips away for herself, not the kids, who i have got whilst she is away. Barmy!!!!

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  1. Please go to facebook and join the group Child Support Agency failings and sign the petition. Please also support the March in Feb to London and we need more people to join us on The Wright Stuff (filmed in London) please contact either administrator of the facebook group.

    Ive had an advance payment so it can be done, but I want to change it that S/E have to show supportive evidence with their accounts for maintenance assessments. But for people like me who have had 11 yrs of misery with them so my ex can work the system, I want it changes that once they find this evidence via the Criminal Compliance Unit of the CSA via Credit Ref Agencies, they backdate the maintenance assessment from inception and if the NRP ha the money then a garnishee order given, if not a charging order on the house and/or any other assets and made to sell, Ed Balls, put your money where your mouth is and have a meeting with us and tell me why you want to help families/fathers in all ways but not in financial support so forcing many PWC on benefits!

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