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CSA say ‘We have agreed’ what I should pay?

I started paying CSA in 2004, after a phone call totally out of the blue, a lady turned up a couple of days later and asked to see my wage slips, she also told me i had arrears, because my ex made her claim in 2001, to be fair the CSA had sent me 15 letters unfortunately not to my address but to a house in a town i have never lived in, which of course i mentioned to this lady, she just told me they had been looking for me and i said not very hard cos’ you rang two days ago and your here today.

Anyway she sorted me out a pay schedule which i have been paying since 2004, it went down after a year as i had cleared my arrears in sept 09 i get a phone call of my ex (we get on really well) asking if the CSA had been in touch as they had rung her (they left me a message) so i rung them next day to be told i owed £4500 in arrears to which i asked HOW! as i am paying what you asked me to pay.

Within two weeks of this a lady in my works office called me in to tell me they had recieved an attachment of earnings from the CSA, so i rang them again and they said we had agreed (i agreed nothing and knew nothing about it until i was in the office) i immediately appealed and on the 30/11/09 my new amount came through and i was told i would hear from their accounts apartment since then i have been phoning the CSA to get this new payment sorted out, yesterday(27/01/10 they got back to me and i found out my weekly payment has gone up another £25.

now here’s the best bit i rung my ex today and here’s the deal i pay the CSA the CSA pay my ex, she keeps £50 and gives me the extra back, is that crazy or what?

this is just a basic outline cos’ if i went into it in detail i would be here all day

One thought on “CSA say ‘We have agreed’ what I should pay?

  1. Hi eltel,

    If the initial contact from the agency was to a property that you have never lived at and the agency did not contact you by telephone either, then they have not managed to make initial contact with you. In which case, there will be no effective date for the start of your case.

    We would need more info re your case – join us in the forum at

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