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The Child Support Agency has ruined my life

I was introduced to the CSA, 16 years ago, what they have done to me in that time is not only discusting, cruel, and never unforgivable, it has pushed me to the point where I would quite honestly have pleasure in seeing each and every one of them suffer in a way I cannot describe here.

Lets forget my two homes,cars,holidays,and every thing I once owned,that can all be replaced in time,but to see my kids get skinny,walk around in crap clothing,and loose all the fun times,to watch the benifit cheats get away with fraud,deception,and so on,the list is so long.The csa promote all of this,and just like most of you parents out there,you can do nothing about it if you choose to be nice.

Abuse…Yes, when you speak to the csa,just remember what they are doing to you,get full names of all you talk too,times date,and remind them that the conversation is recorded, and if they so much as lie, cheat, try and bend things in any way,just tell them straight,let them know what arses they are,swear at them and be as abusive as you like, they could never use that recording against you because of all the mistakes and lies they tell.And let them know that you will go to court and drag their names through every paper, or toilet wall.

When you put the phone down it feels good, then pick it up and do it all over again, I did this for years, you will always be robbed by them, but one day they will be gone.


These people left me with nothing and a massive arrears debt, now I will right to the highest courts in europe, I have more figures, names, and proof of lies, than most, and I intend to use them.

Oh Caroline Mc nally, Almost 2 years talking to you, you dump me in the sh**, and then you left. Thank you.

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  1. child support has ruined my life sent me to suicide mined thoughts pushed me out of my kids lifes stole all my money, all my income and my ability to see my kids. I got sick and couldnt work they took advantage of that and would ever reajust anything so the arrears could rise. They took my license and any ability to get around while crippled. Eventhough i was on medical and disable they pounced on me useing cruel and ruthless techniques. Even when i had possition of my children they would release my license so i could take them to school safley. As soon as my lic. was taken DMV cancelled all my registrations and my insurance also cancelled me. I have never hid from Child support and always paid when i had income even unemployment. All for a rich person whos greed superceeds the childrens well being. Why is a viciuos head hunter in a child support office allowed to devistate us without a court order? They can even pick and choose who they devistate.

  2. they are low life scum . i will one day see some one who works for this gang of robbers this state funded band of robbers and may god protect them only god loves every one but maybe he him self has forgot them . 21 years 30 years any time i could ever get will never remove the smile on my face in returning the pain they have put me threw . only god can judge me and if i get hold of them got i am sorry but u will .

  3. the csa take so much money from me i have to pay to goto work, if i leave work i dont get benefits, so i have to pay to goto work LOL its an absolute joke. im forced into unemployment in this economy state, im forced to commit crime to pay my bills, big “up yours” to the fucked up government

  4. Regardless of how much I earn, the CSA have told me I can live on £122.79 a week. I spend £60.00 a week on rent and it costs me £50.00 a week to get to work and back. This leaves me £12.79 a week to live on. I’ve sold most of my possessions and am now reduced to begging at weekends and shoplifting. I’ve written to the CSA many times but they always say the same thing; according to our calculations, you have enough money. What on earth do I do now???

  5. surely we can get together and get this stopped for good they want taking to court we can chuck this the work and determination

  6. the csa are so wrong, they dont take into account anyones circumstances and plough ahead demanding money and wrecking lives. i have been with my partner for 3+ years now and during this time his ex who has a child with him has caused nothing but trouble. to name a few she has told me she slept with him which was a lie that she admitted to. we are here with our 2 children and 4 of my own. we struggle to make ends meet and they expect us to give her £40 a week.. he used to give her £60 a week until one xmas she sold a playstation that we saved to buy him for his birthday 9 months before so she could get him presents with the money! she has spent the entire time playing god with his life, stopping him from seeing him months at a time if she dosent get what she wants and emotionally blackmails my partner with this threat all the time. we even saved for a crap holiday for the 8 of us and their son for a 3 day camping break and when the time come she said she’d changed her mind and he couldnt go coz my partner swore at her. i was married and lived with my husband for 14 years previous to this relationship and my partner came into my life with a binliner of clothes and the clothes on his back but now we have BAILIFFS coming to take the stuff that I brought before we’d even met. this is tearing us apart. we give him nothing but love and care when he comes to stay at weekends and thats all we have to offer. if he needs things such as footie boots etc, my partner buys them but we cannot afford these weekly payments. when we asked her why she was doing this she said and i quote, “my son dosent want for anything, i dont need your money, im doing this because i CAN!” we drive around in a crap car that is on its way out and keeps overheating, we cant afford holidays or daytrips and some weeks even food, im always borrowing off my mum and feel ashamed of doing it. meanwhile she is swanning around in a new astra, taking weekend breaks away, gets drunk every weekend, always has new clothes and recently went to mexico while WE had their son because she told him kids wernt allowed there because it was too dangerous! its a joke to them but i feel like we are losing everything and the only way to stop it is by ending it.

  7. I live with my partner who has a child from his first relationship. I have three for my past relationship. My partner has always paid his csa and his ex is in another relationship with a high joint income . My ex has never paid. My partner has been re assessed and his payment for one child has gone up From £200 PCM to £750 PCM. We are on a low income and i am unable to work. My ex partner hasn’t paid £200 in the 8 years we have been devorsed. My partner and I have now been repossessed as we couldn’t meet the mortgage payments and after a year his payment has gone back down to £200 PCM and a re payment of £60.00 exra PCM for arrears . Thanks csa !
    We are In tempory accommodation now with my three children. My partner has lost contact with his child due to the pressure and we are both on happy pills . My ex partner has never been caught ,, he is self employed and very dishonest . He hasn’t lost his home and for our crime of doing things by the book we have lost everything ! I’m sorry to say that I honestly doubt the whole system and have no trust in justice !

  8. Think am gunner be the 90 th father to end my life over csa as I can’t take it anymore what’s the point in living a life when the csa as taken it away from me lost everything my job my car am 28 years old n gunner end my life sooner

  9. I have this short term memory and foregt you blog. You are hilarious. If you wrote a book I’d buy it and read it. Wear a skirt to Costco to try things on right in the aisles??? I thought I was the only one!!! Lol!

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