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I am paying CSA but my wife’s ex isn’t

i have been paying csa since 2000. for my 3 children. this being £100. in 2004 my eldest came to live me me and my wife and our child. my payment increase from £100 to £130. i was then paying more for 2 children than i was paying for 3. how is this correct. in return i did a counter claim for my eldest. she had to pay me, wait for it, £2.50. how is this correct.

whilst paying the original the csa sent me some cheques back saying i had over paid.

in 2004 i had my case re accessed as i had 2 living with me and the 2 with the ex. as it went up and not down i rang the csa to find out why. no one could tell me. i was told to keep paying the same amount of £100 until some one could tell me the reason. it took 18 months to come up with the answer. my orginal case was on the old style assessing and now i was on the new one. thus it went up. with this i began paying the £130. then march last 2009 i was contacted to say i was in £1100 arrears. i was asked if i had a credit card i could pay it on straight away. how is this right.

i was gievn a week to pay it or a deo would be put on.

i rang back the next week but the deo had already been put on. i complained and the guy dealing with the case was told i was right and the order should not have been put on. if i paid half it would be taken. a result or so i thought. they would be in touch to collect the rest.

january 2010 i receive 2 letters . first is they have been told i have a change in circumstances and they need to see my wage slips. the other is that i have had deo sent to my employers to collect the arrears as agreed.

who agreed this? what as changed in my circumstances?

i rang them up yesterday. the deo that was put on in march was never taken off.

the arrears i owe is from the cheques that the csa sent me back and when i was told by the csa to not pay until i found out why it had gone up instead of down.

i have now been told again that the deo as been taken off and they need to see my wage slip as a matter of routine. is this correct could any one tell me.

my wife as never received a penny for our youngest in ten years at the last phone call he owed £24500. how is this correct

i have never missed a payment. now i am told i am in arrears through no fault of my own. i have had a deo put on me to collect the arrears and my wife still asnt had a penny.

any one help with this

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