CSA won’t get in touch with me but when ex wants something it happens immediately

April 27, 2017

Okay so I am caught up on my child support. I have a big job opportunity that requires me to have a license. I have everything I need to get my license except for a note from the Colorado Child Support Agency saying i am in good standing. I have been trying to get ahold of my caseworker for 4 weeks now with no luck and tried to contact her manager with no luck. The deadline to obtain my license is today and I have still not gotten a call back. Can I file a lawsuit or something!? When my ex-wife calls her she gives a response the same day or day after.

Women use CMS as a way to get money

April 26, 2017

I THINK IT SICK HOW WOMEN AND THE CMS TREAT MONEY AS A SOCIAL RIGHT, MOST WOMEN BREAK UP RELATIONSHIPS FOR THE OWN TWISTED SELFISH Ways.Men are treated like animals and just seen as cheque books and chewing gum on the street have if all abuse cases are a false and just away for women to get rich and move on and destroy mens lives, fathers are better parents than mothers today and change will happen we live in a liberal globalisation time but like all good things it will come to an end.

CSA don’t understand that money doesn’t ease access issues

April 25, 2017

I am not sure anyone will read this but i guess i need to vent to anyone that will listen. I dont hate my ex i understand we were no good together and in effect hurt the kids by being together i also have no problem paying what i need to as i brought them both into the world. But what i dont understand is that there is a law in place to make fathers pay that want to see there kids but are not allowed all i am entitled to is i can facetime and call them and if they ask me for money i am allowed to buy them things but as soon as i mention about seeing them all hell breaks loose.

What we need as a law in place that if the father poses no danger at all they should be allowed to have contact. So many dads are in my boat if not worse i have not seen my children in so long but am still expected to pay i dont really understand how money would benefit more that seeing there dad i guess as per normal the goverment are missing the point. Also i will be branded a bitter dad if i said anything so i will stay quiet and miss my children and see them through a screen and try not to rock the boat just so i can hold onto the hour i get a week if i am lucky. I believe one day these laws will change but until women who do this are held accountable and their money stops they will keep doing this as it is far to easy.

One last thing i know so many dads that are not working or getting round the system in order not to pay as a result of not seeing their children and who could blame them. If this changes fathers would be more than help to pay it should be 50/50 after all it was when the babies were made. I am still going through this but will remain positive after all she thinks about the money so much but it will stop very soon and her hold on me will end and i will show my children all the letters,texts and everything to prove that i never stopped thinking about them.

If CSA base calculations of old wage then I will financially struggle

April 24, 2017

I have been paying regular payments to my ex wife since we split up about 8 years ago, initially it was via the old csa system and when it folded we had an informal agreement which i increased as my wages did, I also paid for my eldest sons phone alongside all of the additional activities that they wanted to do, this continued until the start of march 2017 when she approached the csa to see if she could get more money as she won’t get a job (I presume).

My problem is that they are going to assess my payments on a gross yearly income from the 15/16 tax year which I no longer receive and because my pay drop hasn’t quite equated to 25% they will not review this or reduce the payments accordingly. They have also said that at the end of the year I will not receive the over payment back.

Please can someone advise, up until now our arrangement worked well and my children were able to just come and go from my home as they pleased but the amount of money that they are looking to take from me now is going to place a huge financial strain on me and my 2 other children as I no longer earn that wage!!!

Can CMS base its calculations on my war pension?

April 21, 2017

I receive a war pension payment and following my divorce 2 years ago, have managed to find work too. On my calculations it has my earnings, plus my war pension payment (a prescribed benefit under child maintenance calculations regs 2012) added together to my earnings, giving me a gross calculation of 20k.CMS have stated that they are allowed to do that and my monthly payments are calculated on this basis. Is this correct because CMCR state that WP only attracts a £7 pw payment?

CSA owes me £17k and won’t resolve the issue

April 19, 2017

My Son is now 23 years old but the CSA still owes nearly £17 000. Terrible failures and lack of interest in recovering money despite me chasing with help of MP. I believe CSA pretends acting on my behalf. I would not have a job if I was working like they do – my Employer would not keep me! Lost confidence in justice as the case was looked at by ICE and I was awarded £75 for maladministration of the case. I don’t know where else to go to get this resolved.

CSA make up debts to make my life hell

April 12, 2017

My son is now 9 yrs old – I have been fighting the CSA for last 7 years, through a spiteful ex partner that basically wants what I have , that I have worked hard for since I was 17 I am now 48.

As well as the constant battles for contact since he was 1yr old. The story in short I remortgaged my home ( which I had before I met my sons mother) just before my son was born to purchase a 4 bed family home in a better area . We split when the child was 4 months old , the mother was still at her home 2 bed. When we split her last words were if I leave this house (the new 4 bed) you will never see your son again! Then the hell began. I started to send cheques for my sons care as she denied me access , I then explained I would have to go to court for regular time with my son as I hardly got to see him. When the application was made the mother was on my doorstep tearing a cheque up and threw at me in pieces then started to angrily to slander me in front of my new neighbors.

csa was soon in touch like vultures and have made my life hell from then on. This has been inventing debts, ccjs tribunals court appearances financial investigations and most corrupt of it all using a high powered balif to commence proceedings to sell the 4 bed house for up to 75 % of its value to recover a debt that the CSA had invented. They have caused me nothing other than financial ruin as I am self employed and have suffered with health problems as a result of these merciless meglomaniacs. They work close it seems with the mother to punish the father how can they get away with this.

Does anyone else have similar stories or feel so strongly that the CSA have done them wrong.

We should then collectively file complaints on their conduct as now it seems again from experience that this last month dealing with CMS it’s going down the same path.

Son now lives with me but CSA won’t shut my case

April 11, 2017

My son came to live with me on the 27/10/16 I informed the csa immediately and also child benefit of the change in circumstances I was told by the gas to keep on paying his mother until I got proof that he was in fact living with me I got the following letters of proof of change of address from our doctors dentist and school as well as one from wigan and Leigh collage also I sent a photo copy of confirmation of child benefit I sent them all by recorded delivery yesterday I rang and begged them to shut the case and not to take any more money from me they said no keep on paying his mother she hasn’t answered our letter yet so we are going to send another one I just need help and fast.

Daughter is in my care and I pay CMS – How can I get recognised as full-time parent?

April 10, 2017

My daughter is 12, i have been separated from her mum for over 10 years, during this time i have had always had full unrestricted access to my child, she has stayed with me at least 3 times a week and I have always and remain to be financially responsible for her (I work and earn more than decent money, her mother doesn’t so 10 times out 10 it is me who will purchase or pay for whatever is needed at the time, I am also the first and only person she asks if she needs anything).

My current partner and I have, in the past couple of years had two sons, my daughter’s mother has also had a new daughter, since this has happened the situation has escalated to the point where my daughter is only spending 1-2 nights a week at her mother’s house, hence in my eyes I am the main carer for my daughter.

The situation with the child maintenance service is as follows – as I said earlier I have always provided the very best I could for my daughter, she has never gone without anything she’s ever needed, which I have always provided for. Around 3 years ago I was contacted by the CMS stating that I had not been paying for my child and that they were beginning collection procedures against me, I refused to pay as I was already financially responsible for my child and as far as I was concerned she was in my full time care anyway, they stated that my child’s mum had said that I only see my daughter once a week, this obviously was not the truth, I stated as much but the CMS don’t seem believe me so again I refused to pay, I was willing to take the matter to court if need be, however months and plenty of lengthy phone calls with the CMS later, her mum stated that she was willing to negotiate a figure that i should pay, a family arrangement they call it, this figure was agreed, even though i really should have had to.

I have kept to this family arrangement even though I have always felt I shouldn’t need to pay anything to her mother as my daughter is in my care, however it has now got to the stage where she isn’t getting looked after off her mum, her mum isn’t in the house when she finished school, so I am having to finish work early most days, I pay for all her dinners, clothing, private spends, mobile phone, etc, etc.

The CSM have stated that I have to prove that I have the amount of contact I have by way of court order, which I do not have due to the fact I have never had to get legal access, I have always had access to her they have also stated that any monies I pay should be paid into my daughters mum’s bank account, however when I do this my daughter doesn’t see any of it and she still asks me for whatever it is that is needed at the time. Now I would like apply to be legally my daughters full time parent or at least have split parental responsibility, I don’t know how to achieve this as the solicitors I have spoken to have stated that there is no case to fight as I have access, however I no longer want to pay maintenance payments as the money isn’t being spent on my daughter.

I would like to be recognised by a court as my daughter’s full time parent.

I pay regularly but CSA keep upping my payments

April 9, 2017

The csa have put my money up to113 pw to my x wife they say my living income is 37k but my living income is after tax so its about 9k lower but they take it before tax why is this I’m a regular payer but find this way to much I have dedts to bank approx. 12k pay council tax ect I’m now working for £80 pw to live on ive refused to pay and told them why but are not interestd and I don’t even get to see my kids as she is bitter divorced her 5yrs ago but still no kids yet she wants £113 pw how can I get this sorted?

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