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CSA don’t understand that money doesn’t ease access issues

I am not sure anyone will read this but i guess i need to vent to anyone that will listen. I dont hate my ex i understand we were no good together and in effect hurt the kids by being together i also have no problem paying what i need to as i brought them both into the world. But what i dont understand is that there is a law in place to make fathers pay that want to see there kids but are not allowed all i am entitled to is i can facetime and call them and if they ask me for money i am allowed to buy them things but as soon as i mention about seeing them all hell breaks loose.

What we need as a law in place that if the father poses no danger at all they should be allowed to have contact. So many dads are in my boat if not worse i have not seen my children in so long but am still expected to pay i dont really understand how money would benefit more that seeing there dad i guess as per normal the goverment are missing the point. Also i will be branded a bitter dad if i said anything so i will stay quiet and miss my children and see them through a screen and try not to rock the boat just so i can hold onto the hour i get a week if i am lucky. I believe one day these laws will change but until women who do this are held accountable and their money stops they will keep doing this as it is far to easy.

One last thing i know so many dads that are not working or getting round the system in order not to pay as a result of not seeing their children and who could blame them. If this changes fathers would be more than help to pay it should be 50/50 after all it was when the babies were made. I am still going through this but will remain positive after all she thinks about the money so much but it will stop very soon and her hold on me will end and i will show my children all the letters,texts and everything to prove that i never stopped thinking about them.

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