CSA make up debts to make my life hell

April 12, 2017

My son is now 9 yrs old – I have been fighting the CSA for last 7 years, through a spiteful ex partner that basically wants what I have , that I have worked hard for since I was 17 I am now 48.

As well as the constant battles for contact since he was 1yr old. The story in short I remortgaged my home ( which I had before I met my sons mother) just before my son was born to purchase a 4 bed family home in a better area . We split when the child was 4 months old , the mother was still at her home 2 bed. When we split her last words were if I leave this house (the new 4 bed) you will never see your son again! Then the hell began. I started to send cheques for my sons care as she denied me access , I then explained I would have to go to court for regular time with my son as I hardly got to see him. When the application was made the mother was on my doorstep tearing a cheque up and threw at me in pieces then started to angrily to slander me in front of my new neighbors.

csa was soon in touch like vultures and have made my life hell from then on. This has been inventing debts, ccjs tribunals court appearances financial investigations and most corrupt of it all using a high powered balif to commence proceedings to sell the 4 bed house for up to 75 % of its value to recover a debt that the CSA had invented. They have caused me nothing other than financial ruin as I am self employed and have suffered with health problems as a result of these merciless meglomaniacs. They work close it seems with the mother to punish the father how can they get away with this.

Does anyone else have similar stories or feel so strongly that the CSA have done them wrong.

We should then collectively file complaints on their conduct as now it seems again from experience that this last month dealing with CMS it’s going down the same path.


  • Peter Anderson says:

    The Csa is already being investigated for inventing arrears on thousands of father’s accounts, usually many, many thousands of pounds. And the money then taken never reaches the mothers. Come on the CsaHell Facebook page or Child Support Agency – Ripoffs and read my post ‘Fictitious Arrears’. This has been going om for years but has escalated as the Csa cases have closed and been transferred to Cms. To give you an idea the National Audit Office who are investigating deem that out of £3.9 billion supposedly outstanding, £3.1 billion is uncollectable, a large percentage being ‘fictitious’. There is also a Parliamentary Select Committee holding an enquiry on 26th April. You can submit your story to them for investigation

  • Dean paynter says:

    Dear Mr Anderson in response to you article posted April 13th,you suggest I contact the Parliamentary select committee to submit my case.
    Could you please advise best way to do this,and I hope others will indeed do the same. The CMS /CSA is a dictatorship organisation to which need to be accountable.
    This can be accomplished if enough of us work together I have only tonight been sent a copy of a letter sent to my ex from CMS claiming they will get out of me what my ex wants.
    My ex sent this via a wattsup photo message of the letter,her way of trying to threaten me I assume.

  • Andrew Thompson-Dale says:

    Im having the same issue..
    Had set up a deduction from earnings with them in 2013 so then i can never miss a payment or get into arrears

    Got a new job 2 months ago so re did my calculation and i apparently owe em just short of 400 quid in arrears
    Till this day i had no knowledge of this fictitious debt nor can i understand how i have gotten into it.. asked em to explain why i had these this is the answer i
    from 2013 you missed a payment on such and such a date and reeled lots of dates off to me..
    Me how can i miss a payment when you have control over it before i get paid
    His answer i dont know

    Anyone had ant joy recovering the money??

  • Gary Wright says:

    The trouble with the CSA is their all in it together CSA,lawyers and judges it’s just one big game to them and they get paid for it
    I finished with them years ago but also had the phantom arrears
    If mine or your lawyers were any good you wouldn’t owe these arrears but their happy to milk you for every penny they can get out of you also and the CSA run rings around them
    As far as the phantom arrears are concerned your fate is normally sealed before you get to court other wise th CSA would of contacted you earlier about the arrears
    CSA lawyers and judges know something we don’t
    I was told by the judge I had a clear case for despute obviously meaning I had the paperwork to back it up I didn’t owe them
    Now the reason why the CSA only contact you about arrears once they are above £3000 anything less than that the case could be squashed but over £3000 is what they call a guaranteed liability order,this where the CSA and lawyers forgot to mention this to you and the CSA need this for to pass it over to the bailiffs they are paid on how much they collect,if you can’t pay they’ll happily take your gear and sell it
    This is why I represented myself in court that day after having paId large amounts to money grabbing lawyers with no results
    And I would of won my case that day only I didn’t know about the rule that it’s about the level of arrears that day your at court and not about whose right or wrong
    And this came from the mouth of the CSA representative,this is why the CSA send a representative and not a lawyer that day to court nearly to collect the paperwork
    I also learned that lawyers also get money for getting you to agree a payment plan to clear your phantom arres
    See their all money grabbing scum the lot of them

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