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Son now lives with me but CSA won’t shut my case

My son came to live with me on the 27/10/16 I informed the csa immediately and also child benefit of the change in circumstances I was told by the gas to keep on paying his mother until I got proof that he was in fact living with me I got the following letters of proof of change of address from our doctors dentist and school as well as one from wigan and Leigh collage also I sent a photo copy of confirmation of child benefit I sent them all by recorded delivery yesterday I rang and begged them to shut the case and not to take any more money from me they said no keep on paying his mother she hasn’t answered our letter yet so we are going to send another one I just need help and fast.

One thought on “Son now lives with me but CSA won’t shut my case

  1. Rubbish, you submit your evidence and the date he came to live with you and stop paying immediately. At the same time, you open a case against her. Send in a formal complaint, demanding the return of any money paid since he came to live with you, and copy your letter to your MP and ask him/her to forward it on to Damian Green MP Sec of State for DWP and to Tom McCormack head of Cms

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