If CSA base calculations of old wage then I will financially struggle

April 24, 2017

I have been paying regular payments to my ex wife since we split up about 8 years ago, initially it was via the old csa system and when it folded we had an informal agreement which i increased as my wages did, I also paid for my eldest sons phone alongside all of the additional activities that they wanted to do, this continued until the start of march 2017 when she approached the csa to see if she could get more money as she won’t get a job (I presume).

My problem is that they are going to assess my payments on a gross yearly income from the 15/16 tax year which I no longer receive and because my pay drop hasn’t quite equated to 25% they will not review this or reduce the payments accordingly. They have also said that at the end of the year I will not receive the over payment back.

Please can someone advise, up until now our arrangement worked well and my children were able to just come and go from my home as they pleased but the amount of money that they are looking to take from me now is going to place a huge financial strain on me and my 2 other children as I no longer earn that wage!!!


  • Tim says:

    Can you increase your pension contributions for 2 months? I had the same issue and increased them so that my actual take-home was under the 25%, they then adjusted the calculations, and when they did I put my pension contributions back to the normal level.

  • Skye says:

    I’m sorry to hear about what your going through. My partner is in exactly the same situation. We are involving our MP. Please send me your contact details so I can include your experience?

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