Why should I have to pay when we share kids 50/50?

October 31, 2017

Again it’s the 50/50 thing. Surely if both parents have their children equal amount of days and nights and they provide for them on the days they have them and everything is spilt down the middle then why should there be any money exchanged? Just because the mother receives child benefit because it’s a hell of a job to appeal against it- they automatically qualify for payments too? There should be no money exchanged if the care is equal. Furious.

Are CSA at fault for arrears as they didn’t increase payments?

October 29, 2017

I have been paying £317 per month since 2002 via deduction of earnings and have recently been transferred to the cma from csa. Received a letter from csa stating I owe the £5600. Rang them to ask where this figure came from and they stated that a reassessment had been carried out in 2012. I never received any paperwork to inform me of this. Are they at fault as no paperwork received and also they did not increase the deduction of earnings. They state that I have to pay it off over 2 years. Could someone please advise where I stand?

CSA slap a bill on me to compensate for their mistake

October 26, 2017

I transferred from the csa to cma on 21.09.17. Have just received a letter from the csa stating I owe them over £5000 I have been paying £317 per month since 2002. I had a deduction of earnings off my pay every month to cover this. They said they assessed my account in 2012 and stated that I should have been paying £97 per week but never increased my deduction of earnings to take this into consideration. They now say I have 14 days to appeal this otherwise it will be handed to the cma who will add it to my arrangement. Are they in the wrong as never increased deduction of earnings. I understand that if I have to pay it, it will be over 2 years. Can anybody give me any advice as I am desperate.

CSA throw a huge bill on me for their mistake

October 25, 2017

I’m on the verge of crossing over from CSA to CMS having setup a Direct Pay starting from 1/11/17

CSA closed their case landing me with a 12,000 arrears bill.

Got into some debt when I split from ex eventually resulting in baliffs visiting my mums rather than leave it I gave them all the documents to setup a DEO on my wage for £20 a month till it was cleared.

About the same time I had letters going back and forth to CSA 2008 debating with them as I wanted to pay by standing order which they eventually gave in. This was up and running but only 3 payments were made when I got a letter from them to say they had setup a DEO on wage. Didn’t think much of it happy it was coming off wage and stopped the standing order. The order was for £30 a week

Jan-Mar 2009 3 payments to CSA were made, £241, £130, £130. Not paying much attention to my wage at his point I did notice some months later that £21 was coming off my wage and assumed the debt payment plan was sorted as it was down as court order on wage slip.

I had at some point forgot CSA was showing on my wage and got it in my head it was coming off before I got paid. A year later the £21 a month dropped to £20 a month and stayed at that for 8 years.

2017 I start with CMS and CSA land me with this 12k bill. I eventually found out the £20 a month wasn’t a debt it was CSA having called the courts it appears the baliff put the debt down as nonrecoverable.

I phoned CSA and they said that she didn’t know why it dropped down from about £130 a month to £21 then eventually £20 and she couldn’t explain either why the yearly statements or other letters hadn’t been sent to me either in 8 years and nobody had picked up on this. She also went onto say my ex hadn’t received any letters either so everyone was in the dark. I admitted that I hadn’t noticed it wasn’t showing on my wage anymore that I assumed it was already coming off my wage before I got paid. She went onto say I’m surprised your ex hasn’t called us either after the wrong amounts were paid to her.

She then said well it doesn’t matter now as the 12k has to be paid back in any event. I said well that wasn’t fair CSA messed up putting me into financial hardship when they had a duty to make sure it was always right hence the DEO and they haven’t ever written to me and there hasn’t been any explanation for it.

So she said well you can pay back whatever you want each month till it’s cleared off. My argument was I’m about 2 years away from not having to make anymore payments and now you’ve landed me with this huge bill and I shouldn’t have to pay it.

Not sure where I stand with this or am I just hitting a brick wall?

CSA are still taking payments even though kids have grown up

October 24, 2017

I owe arrears of just under 6000 pound from when I was working in late 80s early 90s. I asked for audit to be done this took csa 1 year and came back with 6000 my daughter is 28 and son is 23. they done a deductions of earning order first at 70 pound a week coming of my wages so phoned them up a told them can’t afford to pay 70 week got it dropped to 40 a week and came back with 173 a month wich iam now paying so will be paying arrears till iam 52. this is a scandal the government is getting away with this my kids don’t see a penny of that money so any advice would be great thanks sorry abt the grammar.

MP and CSA side against me to take additional £7k

October 18, 2017

In 2015 csa wrote to me stating i owed £7306.36p.i had ended my monthly maintenance payments.i wrote via mp philip hammond who took no interest in my plight and sided with csa.after 1yr of letters i had to pay the 7k. And appointed external audit co.to check all my csa accounts.after short period they found csa error 7k and since then which has been 6 – 8 months they have tried to get csa and new mcs to admit their error.the csa refuse to co-operate.Meanwhile at age 65 am still awaiting csa reply.

CSA ‘lost’ the arrears I paid and demand I pay them again!

October 12, 2017

2 weeks ago my deo was stopped when my 19 nearly 20 year old daughters child benefit stopped , ive payed since we split up even arrears which I owed and had letter march last year stating this, today csa rung me and said that I owe £4500 arrears which is about the same I paid back a couple of years ago, they have told me I can not appeal against this, its up to my ex partner if she wants this money which she has already had , seems to me like the arrears that I have paid back has been lost in the csa system , ust carnt belive it…….

CSA does not care about child welfare, just money

October 11, 2017

I’ve just been shafted by my ex and the so called c.S.a.. we had an agreement for the last 13 years for me to pay my ex maintenance for our daughter which I never missed and payed promptly by cheque but now I have been told to pay double because the c s a says so and as the ex puts it “i’m going to get you where it hurts”?

She works part time stacking shelves and makes it up with hand out from the state therefore including what I’m being forced to pay is going to generate an income more than me for doing a 3rd of the hours I do, how the f..k can this be legal, how can the so called csa sit back and be so one sided, I have done everything for my child especially where holidays are concerned,,going over seas for years whilst her mother as given her a wet weekend in skegg Vegas and then goes globe trotting with her new bloke free,, how can this be right,

I have tried on several occasions to have discuss this issue with the csa ,but simply don’t want to know I have mentioned that my daughter stays with me more than they have been informed but the answer I get is go to court for a court order to prove this . The csa are useless,ignorant and have no interest in a child’s welfare..

Ex made my life worse by not paying tax

October 10, 2017

I have had a wages arrestment for non payment of Council Tax from 2010/11 when I lived in a Marital home.

The debt is in mine and my ex Wifes names, however as she has not paid, they have arrested my wages and I am paying the full amount.

Subsequently as a result of losing almost £245 a month after tax, national Insurance etc, I have been unable to pay Child Maintenance, which I have always paid.

Now the CSA want to enforce a deduction from my already low monthly wage. Can they do this?

Fraudster ex won’t pay maintenance and CSA looks the other way!

October 9, 2017

My ex husband divorced me 3 years ago for unreasonable behaviour!!! I didn’t kiss and cuddle him !! Probably due to the fact that he was always asking me to get a boob job, or have my lips made bigger, or my nose made smaller, and my teeth done………. I wonder why he married me…..? Oh I know, his words, “because even though you’re not the best looking wife, you’re a good package deal”!!!!!

We had to write an order in court about our divorce settlement and business. We were ordered by court to split our property business in half, 50/50. However some crooked way, my ex ended up buying 3 more houses and has therefore more income than me now. Which is fine, I don’t really care but he hasn’t paid for his children in 6 years since we split up.

He has stopped paying the school fees which left me paying out £10500 last year alone. Plus all their school clothes, stationary, out of school clothes. He didn’t even take them on holiday this year. He’s having an extension on his house with a £6k hot tub and a landscaped garden yet he only earns £10477.

He pays someone to run his business. Has two vans, a posh BMW, buys expensive clothes, has a cleaner, a gardener and still only earns £10477. How????

How can he live on £800 a month? That’s someone’s mortgage.

The child maintenance have assessed him and he has to pay £120 per month for 2 children !! That’s it.

He takes over £280,000 rental income per annum but says he only earns £10477. Bearing in mind he’s already been inspected by hmrc and found to have committed fraud, but still got away with that!!

How many lives can he have ! He’s committed fraud with hmrc and got away with it ! How? Why?

What’s wrong with these people…. it’s there in black and white. He has a website displaying all his rents…… it’s not rocket science. He’s laughing all the way to the hot tub !

He doesn’t pay for his children, he won’t buy them anything and he tells them he pays me child maintenance!!! WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something has to be done !!!

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