Why do CSA demand more money when my pay increases?

September 27, 2009

The whole world has gone absolutely mad!!!!

I split with my ex 7 years ago, i signed a home over to her with £40k of collatoral in it so that she could stay in a nice house, 6 months later she sold the house and pocketed the money, i pay 25% of my net income every month, i have seen my children 4 times this year, i phone and text every week tryin to see them, but always get ”they are at a party” or” we are away this weekend”. the whole system is completly wrong.

Dont get me wrong i totally agree that a man has a ‘financial responsibility’ to assist the mother in providing for the children, but the way it is worked out is completely wrong. It should be a fixed amount every month, the same for me as it is for any other man, why should it be based on earnings? she chose not to stay with me why should she benefit from any salary increases i get? It was too comfortable for my ex to decide not to work on our relationship, she knew she would be financially secure either way, how can she decide my financial future?

It is also concerning that the money i provide is not being used on my children. there must be somekind of scheme out there where a happy medium can be achieved.

I appreciate that not all women are the same and i apologise to those who give the father of their child access to see them.

Alot of people say ‘ well you got the women pregnant, now pay your way?. I am sure if i had known that my missus would divorce me i would not have had sex and subsequently had 2 children. It works both ways 2 people have sex, 2 people, woman and man. What happens if when a man finds out that his one night stand is pregnant, and he decides that he really does not want the child, he would like her to have a termination, but the woman wants the baby? i assume that the poor guy will have to pay CSA for a child that he really does not want. Yes, perhaps he should have thought about that before he got it out his pocket and put it in her purse, but then perhaps she should also of thought perhaps i wont let him put it in my purse. I know a couple of guys who refuse to work because they owe money for a child they did’nt even know they had til 5 years old, yet the CSA are back charging them. How on earth are men supposed to pay if they dont know they are a dad, these subsequent men have since quit working so they dont have to pay the £1000’s they owe. If the woman has managed this long why should they have to pay back charges? have they funded the child with a loan????? If there was a system in place where they had to pay more sensible amount of money then they have both admitted they would not have given up work.

I also know a girl who has deliberatly got herself pregnant with 2 different men to ensure that she could have 2 children and ensure that they was paid for!!!

Ovaries Trump Testicles everytime.

The system will only ever benefit women, it shoud not be there to benefit women, it should be there to ensure financial assistance to the mother of the children.

Unfortunatley a majority of women use the system as a gravy train and this will only ever change when the current system is abolished and a sensible system put into place.

csa dismiss benefit fraud!

September 26, 2009

my partner has happily paid the csa for his daughter ( aged 18) but now, after her working since April and leaving home! they still want money AND say they cant do anything regards the fact my partner’s ex has continued to claim benefits and child benefit for her! she finished college in february and we was told no more payments were expected, then the ex reclaims child benefit on the basis the daughter is going back to college, KNOWING that she was leaving home! its sucks and we cant seem to do a thing to bring this fraud to light!

CSA demand money I do not have

September 25, 2009

I have been in dispute with CSA for many years as I refused to accept an assessment they made when I once received a pay rise and my salary went from 12K to 15Kpa and my assessment went from 17.00 per week to 86.00 per week.

It took the CSA over a year to respond to my change of salary during which time I had only been paying 17.00 as I didn’t have any way of knowing how much the new assessment would be. When it was made, I objected and thought they had made an error as I couldn’t possibly afford the new assessment. The CSA are a law uto themselves and this law has its foundation in the failure of sucessive governments to address the real Child support issues.

The CSA has metamorphosised into ‘Debt Recovery Thugs plc’ who delight in frightening people, by using intimidating language both verbally and in writing, by using legislation that was no doubt originally designed to address the testosterone driven males whose sole desire was to repopulate the planet wihtout accepting responsibility.

Good honest hard working people can then be hounded to ensure that governments can be seen to be doing their bit to make UK a fairer place to live by not tolerating anyone who cannot afford to pay…the population of the UK want blood. They want to see justice being done. Guess what?…victims of the CSA also share visions for social justice, they too condemn vile perverts who seek to abuse our children, watch helplessly as weak sentences are handed out to Peadophiles and those who steal and contribute towards social breakdown.

The Debt Enforcement Liabioity Order and Bailiff Team have been formed so that we are unable to complain to our MP’s…why? because they are trying to appease those who believe that every single case being prosecuted by the CSA are the same. Everyone’s circumstanses are different we are unable to get a means test to pay arrears according to our abioity to pay, (which could actually be written into European Law) And they have now, in time-honoured tradition conven iently passed the buck from a government agency set up and destined never to be fit-for-purpose to an agency set up with the sole intention of providing ‘muscle’ and yeilding unprecedented powers to make people suffer because they had teh audacity to chal;leng the system which has never worked.

At one point the Independant Audit Commission revealed that for every Pound teh CSA recovered, it cost teh tas payer 1.50.

Along with thousands of others, I believe that the CSA and the Enforcement mafia that the CVA has conveniently evolved into as an abomination.

Social justice in the UK has finally been challenged and we must ask ourselves how much longer will this iniquitous situation be allowed to continue before more people are affected and people start to respond in teh same what they did when teh Poll Tax was first steamrollered into our lives.

Ex refuses to pay the CSA for my children

September 23, 2009

My ex refuses to pay me any money for child maintenance. He does admittedly give the children money directly to spend on what they like. I however, need money to pay for boring necessities such as food, bills, clothing etc. Because my ex is self employed and obviously living and working under a false name (probably to avoid paying taxes too!)the CSA cannot trace him, even though I’ve told them exactly where he lives and his Ebay account number which they asked me to track.

What the hell is going on with this service?? I am fuming as I’ve now been told they are going to pause the case once again and try again in 6 months time. If I mention the CSA to him my ex he laughs in my face, not surprising is it? He owns his own property, eats out in lovely restaurants, travels and compared to me lives like a king while I struggle to bring up 2 teenage children and work full time.

He and the CSA have caused so much stress and strain for too long now, anyone any suggestions???

csa case closed chasing arrears after a year

September 21, 2009

hi . i payed regular maintence since 1992 and the csa have put me in arrears over the yrs due to them doing reasessments .so i been paying arrears of plus reg main as well but always fighting these arrears to no avail ..i stopped paying when my daughter turn 19 and ive heard nothing till a few months ago when for the first time they were realy nice trying to come to a mutual agrement for both parties ..we areed to pay  £3000 of the £6000 they say we oweover 18months ..at £55 a week but  lost my job …

iv’e had a letter saying this has got to go to the leagel team now as theres nothing he could do and wait for them to get touch…i got a phone call of a very loud lady who said i must pay this within 2yrs at £76aweek but when i said i wont be able to aford that she threated me with court ,prison, baliffs,etc.. the law the law  she qouted so asked how are we going to pay these off in 12mths when the case closed ver a year agoshe said she can run it from today so we have 2yrs to pay?

but yet agian when i said i might beable to get £3000 she changed to miss nice lady….have they broke the law ..i want it to go to court for the first time i might get fair hearing …

Mistake after mistake after mistake after…………..

September 19, 2009

I’ve been unlucky enough to be dealing with the CSA for 10 years. For the most part, I’ve comlied. I’ve pais tha amounts they’ve asked when they’ve asked for it. then in 2004 I had another claim against mewhich meant that my original claim had to migrate to new rules (I imagined that would make things easier). Since 2004, I have been told on numerous occasions that I’ve developed arrears. Ieven had one saying that it was because of a mistake that the agency had made back in 2004.

On the whole, some of the arrears seemed to be ok, so I started to pay them on top of my regular payments. I was then lucky enough to come to an agreement with both my ex’s to pay them direct. The agency had already told me of my arrears, so when I started my direct payments, I asked the agency for an up to date figure for my arrears (as I’d paid some off). I then get a call telling me that I owe more than DOUBLE what they originally said. I’ve not gone into full details, but to some it up, I’ve had so many different bits of info from them, and conflicting information etc, that I no longer have any confidence in what they are telling me. I no longer want to comply and pay them an amount that they can’t prove that I owe.

Just when I thought they were off my back…… – Any suggestions? (I’ve been thorugh ICE previously too)

CSA Arrears Hell

September 18, 2009

Can anyone help with any advice. My partner split with his ex; with whom he has 1 child 9 years ago. His ex partner hasn’t worked since she had their son and had another child with someone else 4 years ago but is on her own claiming benefits.

We have been together for 8 years and I have 1 daughter who is 9 from a previous relationship.

My partner has been paying the CSA through his wages for over 5 years through a DEO. They obtained a liabilty order against him ‘just incase he defaulted’. I have supplied my earnings details 3 times to them as I work 18 hours a week and he works full time. He has a good job he’s a train driver so he earns a respectable wage. He has been paying £400 since day 1 as the claim was back dated; even though cash payments had been made but there we go.

The CSA have now contacted and said they will now be looking to take 40% of his wages because the arrears are £10k. 6 months ago we offered an extra £50.00 per month as they were ringing every week wanting more. We’ve been paying this but its not enough for them. We have involved the Citizens Advice when the liability order was thrown at us and they were involved when we offered the extra £50.00 towards the arrears.

We have a mortgage payment of £900 pounds a month before we even start on council tax and other monthly bills. I’m just looking for any advice that may help; or are we best sticking with the Citizens Advice?

Thanks in advance.

Do I have a leg to stand on?

September 17, 2009

I am a NRP and see my son regularly – more than 104 nights a year – and always have. His mum is long term unemployed and my sons carer. He is disabled. My son is now 19 and at college and my CSA case closed last year. Just prior to this I was assessed at NIL. My case started around 1997 and I paid regularly for a couple of years – around £50 per week. Then I decided to cut the CSA out of the equation and pay my ex directly, sometimes cash and sometimes goods or services.

The CSA were very quiet over the years until Feb 2008 when They finally woke up and words began flowing between myself and Them.

Last September I was taken to County Court for @£17000 arrears. I was talked out of going into the court by the CSA lady at the courthouse. Bad move. I have argued with them that I have given my ex thousands over the years. They wrote to her asking, and she replied that I only paid her car insurance. They say this doesn’t count. She doesn’t want to get into trouble with the dole people.

The Child Support Law of 1992 states that the cases should be reviewed by the CSA every 52 weeks. And DWP leaflet no.2008 from December 2005 entitled CHILD SUPPORT a Technical Guide states on page 3 ‘After the assessment has been made it will be looked at on average every 2 years.’ and ‘ There is no need for parents to report any changes in their cicumstances….’

When I asked the CSA (on the phone unfortunately) why they hadn’t reviewed my case for 8 years, I was told they’d been short staffed. They now say by letter that its up to me to tell them. I’ve asked for evidence of the relevent laws under the Freedom of Infornation Act. Waitng for a reply.

In May 2009 I received a piece of paper from the local Court entitled ‘Order for recovery of award’. I didn’t give it a 2nd glance and put it in my CSA folder.

August 2009 I found that my bank account has been cleaned out. Nearly £800. Well I’m just an average guy who lives from hand to mouth and gets the bills paid. Rented accomodation, no savings or pensions, just the money in the bank which tends to run out just before each payday.

Well I went to the bank to see whats going on. They tell me its the CSA. The bank’s allowed to take £55 for the service and CSA get every penny of what’s left. Coincidently an £8 bank charge came through just afterwards for a bounced cheque last month (not CSA related) so I’m now £8 overdrawn.

So now I can’t pay my bills or buy fuel to get to work and the car insurance installment is due. So I take a day off work losing £120 as I’m self employed) and march down to the courthouse to fill in a hardship form. I have to declare what I need the money for and the court lady takes it off to show the judge. She comes back and says I have a court case coming on 4th September (knew nothing about it) to decide how they’re going to get £17000 out of me, and the hardship issue will be dealt with at the same time.

Well I still want to fight the CSA and hopefully get through this with nothing to pay. I’ve been a good dad to my boy and he and his mum have had no complaints with me and my responsibilities over the years. I HAVE paid my way – just did it direct and cut out the incompetent middle man. Looks like I may have to pay twice.