Those who pay are the ones who suffer the most

August 31, 2010

So the ones who are paying and have been paying for years are discriminated against, because the CSA doesn’t bother pursuing the ones who have never paid or are deemed as uncollectable.

This matter should be put before the supreme court, as it is blatant discrimination. Feckless fathers being allowed to get away with, having arrears written off while the ones who pay and want to pay are being hounded and targetted repeatedly.

CSA shouild be disbanded now and forced to repay all the monies back to those who have paid (and have all ready paid into the tax system that pays benefits any way). How can it be that somebody is allowed not to pay and others are paying. Discrimination!

CSA should stand for ‘Corrupt Sanctamonious Agressors’

August 31, 2010

CSA, what organisation are they referring themselves to? I feel they certainly need to rename themselves; Corrupt Sanctamonious Aggressors, this would most certainly fit and would be correctly descriptive,

In No way (and evidently so) are they supportive to your children niether do they maintain the welfare of your children or put the welfare of your children as a priority, the evidence of their actions states quite clearly so.

The CSA are no different to any other terrorist organisation. We find ourselves at war that seems never endless, leaving our children suffering at the constant battles being fought without any reprieve and stress induced by the CSA’s incompetence, arrogance and ignorance.

They are happy when you are broken by their power, 9-11 & 7-7 are both clear examples of this!!! both are examples of terrorism!! The CSA exact terror on the NRP without any consideration as to how your children will be affected by their actions. Just as the terrorists have no thought as to how their actions affect their victims relatives by result of their attack! lets face it, your children are Read more

No access to daughter, do I still need to pay Child Support Agency?

August 30, 2010

I have been through a 3 year battle through the courts to see my daughter? CAFCAS and my solicitor fought hard for me to see my daughter. However my daughters Mum did not want me to have any contact and made things very very difficult? the advice given to me by my solicitor and CAFCAS after spending £10000 in court fees was to walk away from an unbearable stressful and very costly situation. CAFCAS and my Solicitor provided me with all the documentation needed including a signed of agreement that I should have parental responsibility and that non of the above was created by me but my daughters Mum. CAFCAS and my solicitor advised me to pass on the information to my daughter at a later date.

On top of that for the last 8 years I have been paying the CSA monthly without fail. My ex is now to remarry she is not and will not let me see or communicate with my daughter at all? its been 5 years! however she is happy for me to pay the CSA so that she can fill her pockets for boozing and clubbing? information gathered from a handy source called face book!!

Given the above and that she is to remarry in the next couple of weeks am I still liable to pay the CSA for my daughter that I will never see? your help is really appreciated!

Shared custody but CSA still wants money

August 30, 2010

My kids are 13 1/2 & 16 3/4 years, split with their Mum approx 12 years ago. Never had any dealing with the CSA until a couple of months back.

Have always had the children 50/50 or pretty darn close, have always paid my share of clothing, pocket money, treats, holiday etc.
3 months ago I decide I no longer want anything to do with ex partner & her mood swings & haven’t spoken to her since, kids are old enough now so we can make our own arrangements.

So she puts into the CSA. Upto this point my daughter would spend 17 – 19 days a month with me, my son less. But I never had the child benefit books in my name, the ex was poorer than me, she doesn’t work, through choice & I wasn’t bothered by this.

However her having these books means that disputed PWC goes to the one with the book. So I have now applied for my sons book.

So I have one book, she has another. So will the CSA cancel the claims? Nope, I have to put a counter claim in, so we both pay each other.

But as I earn more I am expected to pay more, where is the justice or common sense in that?

Ex made a false claim as daughter lives with me

August 29, 2010

I have 3 children, a step daughter of 27, a daughter of 24 and a son from a different marraige of 17. I enjoy my time with my family and have always enjoyed long and protracted contact with all my kids.

I work for a newspaper for £1,500 gross per year. (Yeah pathetic I know, but that’s another story) I opened my payslip last week to find £271 and change had been removed from my salary. Leaving me with £660 to live on for a month.

I contacted my payroll who informed me it was the CSA. I spoke to them immediately and was told it was for £7,997 arrears for my 24 year old daughter.

Er….she lived with me from the age of 13 as a result of a place of safety award as her mother was a Read more

MP solved my CSA problem for a short while

August 29, 2010

The csa is a load of rubbish.

I have lost count of the amount of times i have had to ring the csa because of missed payments only to be told they are ‘locked’ in the system. What is the point of them taking the money from an ex partner if they dont pass it on to the parent with care. It has caused me so much hardship and stress and in the end i had a meeting with my MP because i was so disgusted.

She sorted it out and my payments were regular for a while but im not receiving them again now. Ive just rang and 3 payments are in the system waiting to be released.

Total waste of time!!

CSA is leaving me with no money to live on

August 28, 2010

I have 1 daughter who i do not see or know her were abouts. I have met her 3 times over the past year. I am paying CSA which i do not have a problem with as i know it is my responsibility. the problem is is the CSA are taking money out of my wages. again I do not have a problem paying the problem is the amount they are taking, every month they are taking 40% off me which leaves me no money at all to live on.

I have arrears of 6k but they will not tell me how i owe this much. nor will they help me out regarding my repayments. I am now on ther verge of leaving my job as i cant afford to work at this rate. and I also lost my flat due to the fact i could not afford the rent.

Please can you hlep me out or point me in the right direction.

kind regards
stephen frampton

CSA is useless, but selfish father is the real problem

August 28, 2010

The csa is a total, utter waste of time. After a court hearing for contact, the judge informed my ex he’d need anger management and supervised visits as my sons were scared of him. This was enough for the spiteful bastard to stop paying just in time for Christmas and their birthdays! This was Dec ’06. My case has since gone from Plymouth to Hastings to Belfast (he is self-employed) where it basically rotted in a drawer after being “misplaced” before finding a home in Newcastle.

In this time my ex had taken out an IVA (ran up 5 credit card debts to force sale of house!) – gone bankrupt – had the bankruptcy discharged after 8mths – continued to pay for an older daughter (£300pm)and earnt in the region of £200,000. He wont pay because he doesn’t want to… it makes a mockery of all the fathers out there that are paying for their kids and still being hounded. My case actually went to court in Aug’09 to obtain a liability order and I didn’t know til earlier this year..he did! There is now a query on it and can’t be enforced as he decided there was a change in his circumstances requiring a re-assessment. There is also a pymnt in court notes of £7700 which he says he paid directly to me but I never recieved. The one pymnt I did get was through the bailiffs.

That was May’10 and the bailiff action has been suspended 3 times since and won’t Read more

CSA debt drives father to theft

August 27, 2010

A Grimsby man stole thousands after he received a crippling bill from the Child Support Agency. Jeffrey Atkin, 48, admitted three counts of theft that he committed in April of 2010.

Mr Atkin was a factory manager for local firm M&J Seafood, and had worked there for 13 years. A model employee, he had been rewarded for his hard work at the company with a promotion to the position of factory manager. As part of this trusted position, he was one of only two people who were authorised to send stock to Cryotech, a company specialising in refrigeration storage.

When three doubtful invoices were discovered, Atkin was suspended. He eventually admitted the theft of £3,288 at a disciplinary hearing, explaining how he had Read more

The CSA has ruined me

August 26, 2010

For the past 18 months i have paid child maintinence direc to my ex wife and my other ex partner. Before we did it this way i had arrears and it was a total joke.I spoke to my ex and my other ex and we decided that it was easeyer to pay my ex partners direct through my bank. Things have run smooth until agust pay day, i opend it and the csa had started to take the money direct from my wage, i couldnt beleve it.I rang the csa and told them everything was going ok until you took more cash off me, they told me it was a secondary computer that automaticly sent it to my pay roll department. they had no option but to take it. This left me totaly broke. That 140 pounds they took extra is all i have to live on per month.

I can prove that with my bank statements. I rang and rang the csa several times and not one of there staff would give me there sir name. I told them i was desperate for that cash as i need to Read more

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