Shared custody but CSA still wants money

August 30, 2010

My kids are 13 1/2 & 16 3/4 years, split with their Mum approx 12 years ago. Never had any dealing with the CSA until a couple of months back.

Have always had the children 50/50 or pretty darn close, have always paid my share of clothing, pocket money, treats, holiday etc.
3 months ago I decide I no longer want anything to do with ex partner & her mood swings & haven’t spoken to her since, kids are old enough now so we can make our own arrangements.

So she puts into the CSA. Upto this point my daughter would spend 17 – 19 days a month with me, my son less. But I never had the child benefit books in my name, the ex was poorer than me, she doesn’t work, through choice & I wasn’t bothered by this.

However her having these books means that disputed PWC goes to the one with the book. So I have now applied for my sons book.

So I have one book, she has another. So will the CSA cancel the claims? Nope, I have to put a counter claim in, so we both pay each other.

But as I earn more I am expected to pay more, where is the justice or common sense in that?


  • Shaban Afzal says:

    there isn't any. The CSA are full of shit.

  • Jay says:

    , I have the same problem I have shared residence, 182.5 nights a year, three children however I have to pay my ex for two of my three and my ex pays me for one ….yes I know absolutely ridiculous! and long story all to do with child benefit and the inland revenue you will be entitled to a discount of I believe ?7 per week for this pleasure !!

    Contact Inland revenue they should give you benefit for one child and your ex the other if they say no don’t accept it as you are entitled to child benefit also get your MP involved and check this website which is really useful all for £20 per year and contact the CSA in writing informing them of your counter claim.

    And yep I still have to pay!

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