CSA is leaving me with no money to live on

August 28, 2010

I have 1 daughter who i do not see or know her were abouts. I have met her 3 times over the past year. I am paying CSA which i do not have a problem with as i know it is my responsibility. the problem is is the CSA are taking money out of my wages. again I do not have a problem paying the problem is the amount they are taking, every month they are taking 40% off me which leaves me no money at all to live on.

I have arrears of 6k but they will not tell me how i owe this much. nor will they help me out regarding my repayments. I am now on ther verge of leaving my job as i cant afford to work at this rate. and I also lost my flat due to the fact i could not afford the rent.

Please can you hlep me out or point me in the right direction.

kind regards
stephen frampton


  • rach says:

    Hi you need to get your data protection files and see whats been going on with your case you should also get a full account breakdown to find out where they have come from and to see if the csa have balls up cus they very often do and dont tell you!. join Nacsa cus they will go through everything for you and help you with appeals etc. good luck!!

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