CSA debt drives father to theft

August 27, 2010

A Grimsby man stole thousands after he received a crippling bill from the Child Support Agency. Jeffrey Atkin, 48, admitted three counts of theft that he committed in April of 2010.

Mr Atkin was a factory manager for local firm M&J Seafood, and had worked there for 13 years. A model employee, he had been rewarded for his hard work at the company with a promotion to the position of factory manager. As part of this trusted position, he was one of only two people who were authorised to send stock to Cryotech, a company specialising in refrigeration storage.

When three doubtful invoices were discovered, Atkin was suspended. He eventually admitted the theft of £3,288 at a disciplinary hearing, explaining how he had sold on surplus stock from the orders he had sent to Cryotech in order to raise much-needed cash to remedy his financial woes.

Grimsby Crown Court heard how Atkin tried to mitigate his theft.

After he paid an unexpected demand from the Child Support Agency, help was needed to pay his mortgage and household bills. Not knowing where to turn and feeling desperate, he resorted to theft.

Michael Culshaw, representing Atkin, told the court that he was ashamed of his actions. He stated:

“This is a man of impeccable work ethic and a thoroughly decent and honest man until he got into financial difficulty through his wife being made redundant.”

Atkin received a 10 month prison sentence (suspended) and was ordered to carry out 150 hours community service because of his problems with the CSA and the demands they made of him.


  • rach says:

    I am so not surprised that men are now being driven to stealing to pay for this “companys” unreasonable demands. I myself am praying for a lottery win so my husband can clear his ridiculous arrears and we can maybe start to enjoy life again.

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