CSA should stand for ‘Corrupt Sanctamonious Agressors’

August 31, 2010

CSA, what organisation are they referring themselves to? I feel they certainly need to rename themselves; Corrupt Sanctamonious Aggressors, this would most certainly fit and would be correctly descriptive,

In No way (and evidently so) are they supportive to your children niether do they maintain the welfare of your children or put the welfare of your children as a priority, the evidence of their actions states quite clearly so.

The CSA are no different to any other terrorist organisation. We find ourselves at war that seems never endless, leaving our children suffering at the constant battles being fought without any reprieve and stress induced by the CSA’s incompetence, arrogance and ignorance.

They are happy when you are broken by their power, 9-11 & 7-7 are both clear examples of this!!! both are examples of terrorism!! The CSA exact terror on the NRP without any consideration as to how your children will be affected by their actions. Just as the terrorists have no thought as to how their actions affect their victims relatives by result of their attack! lets face it, your children are your relatives! Many people who have been subjected to the terrors of the CSA have suffered and have lost their lives due to the actions of these terrorist activities by the CSA.

The CSA terrorists will not compromise, The CSA terrorists will not negotiate. the CSA have only one objective, and that is to bring you to your knees trembling at the reign of their power!!! FACT!!!! anyone who considers working for the CSA is no different to al-quieda’s recruited terrorists. the objective: to reign with terror!!!!

The CSA are happy to cause aggravation between NRP & PWC without any consideration as to how this affects your children.

When you find yourself communicating with them, they interupt you. The CSA are not prepared to listen… FACT!!!! the only time the CSA are ready to listen is when you are telling them that you are making a payment:-

When communicating with CSA.. bear the following in mind!

a) Remember your civil rights!!! Stand your ground and tell them not to interupt you while you are speaking, remind them that they asked the questions and that you are replying and that they would not like being interrupted mid-conversation.

b) Always use a landline when communicating with them by use of 0845 numbers as this is absolutely free, they take enough money by taking 30% of your wages by DEO so that you are forced to take home a very low wage while the PWC is enjoying their frivolities (at your expence) on the weekend or while you are earning just to support the PWC’s spending habits. The PWC is only after one thing… Your hard earned cash while they remain privelaged to sit on their backsides saying they cannot work the hours you work because they have children to look after, Check those PWC’s on benefits for accuracy of this comment!!!

c) You have every right to create your own hell for them without the need to be offensive. Cause as much aggravation back by phoneing them constantly until satisfaction is achieved, I always ask if they have internet access at home and tell them to look at CSAhell’s website so they can see the results of their terrorist activities enacted by their organisation and their colleagues.

d) the following comments I make in this section I found to be the most ammusing when I communicated by phone and asked them if they agreed to the conversation being recorded.

One told me that it was illegal to record telephone conversations. I then asked ifmy recording the conversations was illegal, then they must be commiting an illegal act as they were recording our conversation as informed when they told myself that they were recording for legal & training purposes.

I then asked that person if she thought I had no knowledge of the law in regards to surveilance and security, she informed me she would have to ask one of her team leaders if the CSA would agree to the converation being recorded, it is amazing how they become a little less arrogant especially when informed that it was for an internet post on CSAhell’s website. however there have been others that agreed it was only fair to record the conversation, I do this as soon as they ask for my details for security puposes.

It is commen for the CSA to ask how I would like to make payment, I immediately inform them I have no intention of making a payment as I have shared care of my child more than 52 nights a year and am on ESA & DLA benefits as I am disabled. I also ask how it is in the best interest and welfare of my child to make a deduction from my ESA when that £5 is used to support my child while he is under my care at weekends. I also have the privelage of informing the CSA as to my childs thought in regards to their demands for money that supports his food and entertainment while he is with me. REMEMBER!!!Always stand your ground, you have the right to defend yourself and your children…FACT!!!! do not be weak! do not bend to their will!!! Disabled or not disabled, you have the right to protect your child from being unhappy!!!!!

e) The PWC may have moved in a working partner while you live at risk of loss of your home, Not exactly the CSA’s concern for your childrens welfare is it? as where will the children have shelter while contact is set? The PWC gets additional funding by either benefit payment or their working partner and funded by your DEO’s obtained by CSA. Not exactly keeping the childrens welfare at the front while the NRP suffers stress and becomes severely ill due to sickness caused by stress and anxiety with the treat of loss of home, car and finally employment.

So how do you beat the CSA? Easy!!! There are only two options available……

Option1; Become unemployed and claim benefits and have shared care which is minimal 52 nights per year…SIMPLE!!! The CSA are not entitled to take £5 per week from your benefits as you require that to support your children while they reside with you on the minimum of one night per week. That is the law… that’s a FACT!!!!!!

Option 2; Leave the UK and take up residence in an alternative country where the CSA have no legal rights to make DEO’s from your earnings!!!

Else you’ll just have to accept their money grabbing intentions and quit complaining!!! SIMPLES!!!!

I hope the information I have provided is helpful and makes you feel stronger and able to protect your children from these terrorists who call themselves the CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    I dont endorse what you say, yes I agree the CSA are useless but so are many of the other government agencies too! But this one affects the children. So I do not agree and think you should be ashamed of yourself to tell people to go onto benefits to avoid paying. If parents could agree to do the best for their children by both supporting them in all ways, financially included – then maybe the CSA wouldnt exist but that is in an ideal world, which unfortunately we are not in! So even though the CSA have done my children and me wrong, their father (my ex) has done more wrong! I hope people do not endorse what you say and put the child/ren first!

  • Mr Morrell says:

    Dear Karen Bedford,
    It would appear that you mis-understand the comments as to going on benefits as being an instruction, the fact that it is an example of sarcasm from my viewpoint but an informed instruction from your point of view.
    I would most certainly like to work but am only qualified in the field of work for which I have had no choice but to refrain from, due to my disability.
    In respect to the financial situation, my ex has her new husband working two jobs and also recieves child benefits both for my child and her eldest to another NRP plus additional tax credits and therefore is very financially stable,
    However! you will understand due to the fact that I have shared care of my son during weekends and through the holidays and as a loving father to my child provide entertainment, food, warmth, clothing etc from my benefits of which I am not provided any additional income by example of tax credits, child benefits or the multiple additional incomes that my childs mother recieves in her household income.
    I do present my experiences and additional personal perceptions of the CSA, however! It is yourselves that have to decide how you intend to resolve your issues with the CSA.
    Marcus King managed to find his own solution at the cost of his freedom in Preston by causing mayhem from lancashire to Cumbria by bringing the lot to a standstill, I was a driver among that standstill and had to rebook an interview appointment at the job centre to which I was on the way, so therefore, as a personal example I am not exactly promoting the action of being on benefits but providing a possible alternative with due sarcasm.
    I personaly would love to build my own business in photography but due to the poor income that has been caused by CSA’s greed and the greed of my ex for the desire of MONEY, Money is not love, money does not buy love. Money is the promoter of greed. The fact that I was paying CSA for my child is not an issue with myself and CSA but the fact that Iwas supporting my ex in her benefits as due to deductions made from her benefits as my CSA payments were additional income, so not only did I support her benefits by taxes I supported a high percentage of her benefits by CSA payments, this in no way was in support to my child…FACT!
    I became unemployed during the recession, the following day after recreating my CV for search in employment, I attended an incident for a neighbors child’s safety and in that cause did have a severe fracture to my left clavicle, I was unable to work from that day, further during healing process I was rushed into hospital, Diagnosis now prevents my ability to do manual labour, a more energetic approach to work than sitting in an office at a phone or PC. what is your position in employment?
    Either accept the consequences or accept the comments I make as intended, rather than attempting to make a personal assessed judgement upon my character as an NRP in relation to money provided for the care and welfare of my child, the very child who is angry with the CSA causing conflict between myself and his mother! due to the difficulties caused to myself by the CSA and their draconian terrorist system.
    Money is not everything, what our children really need is; love, compassion and understanding that is what our children require.
    If the money is taken from NRP, how do we support our child financially when with the NRP? I have no help from PWC. I do not ask for help from PWC.
    Ask yourself,Why is it the female PWC’s always want more money? I never hear of this action from the Male PWC’s.
    MONEY is the god of Greed, unfortunately, it is ussually the female PWC’s that constantly put the Male NRP’s down especially to the child involved, Is this in any way supportive to the Childs welfare?

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