CSA drives man to motorway protest

August 26, 2010

A man caused a motorway to be closed for hours as part of a protest against the Child Support Agency.

During an appearance at Preston Magistrates Court, Dr Surendra Sachdeva, chairman of the bench, heard how Marcus King had wanted to voice his anger and frustration about the way he felt he had been treated at the hands of the CSA.

King, 38, occupied a footbridge situated near junction 31a and 32 of the M6 near Preston, armed with several disposable barbecues; and had the intention of sending ‘smoke signals’.

Traffic on the motorway, and other roads around the city, was brought to a complete halt, and tailbacks reached all the way to the Lancashire’s border with Cumbria. King was charged with Read more

Ex uses my CSA payments for her holidays

August 25, 2010

I have been paying the CSA now for the last 8 years, i do not have a issue with this appart from the fact that my ex has admitted that all my money goes ona holiday each year for her and her husband and not for my son.

I generally recieve some sort of letter every 6 months to stir up a hornets nest between my soon to be wife and myself.

My wife has always begrudged paying the CSA seeing as i have not sen him for nearly 4 years but does understand that it needs to be done.

I looked after my son for the 1st year he was born after she said that shw did not want him. As soon as a custody letter arrived on her doorstep she waltzed down and picked him up half drunk to take him home, and there was nothing i could do about it.

On top of this she clained a years back payments via the CSA, and even though evidence etc went Read more

When do I stop paying csa?

August 25, 2010

My 2 sons are 16 and 18. Both born in June. My 18 yr old has just finished college and has got a job for 3 days a week. The 16 yr old had now finished school. He has not been to school for over 12 months. Walked out and refused to go. So his mother let him. Bad I know. He has no plans at the moment..

I dont see the lads that often as been poisoned by the ex.

When do I stop paying csa? Wll the csa inform me? Not sure what to do. Cheers if u can help.

Crazy ex gets away with making up stories

August 24, 2010

I am expecting the Sheriff’s Officers (Bailiffs) tomorrow to lift all our goods thanks to the CSA. They have cocked this up from the day they got involved! They’re now after me for and eye-watering amount and more than three times what I should be paying. And it’s been backdated to some crazy date that bears no relevance on anything.

My ex, a psycho, mentally abusing manipulator, put me through hell. I did nothing wrong but she made it her business to destroy my reputation and is currently trying her best to put me in prison. She always had a reputation for being a liar and a brat and how I got involved with her I’ll never know! I left her as I feared for my safety and she made threats against me that will make most people’s jaws drop.

My new wife, who I met long after I left my nutjob ex wife, is a gem and very supportive but even she gets in despair from time to time thanks to my ex’s antics. These include stalking us, sitting in her car opposite the house staring at our front window, verbal abuse and many other tricks designed to grind us down. She’s accused me of rape, beating her up and even abuse at a parent-teacher evening even though plenty of witnesses say that she just made it up. In fact, as everybody there saw, it was the other way around! The cops came the next day to Read more

Son did not live with mother, still CSA wants money

August 24, 2010

Hi hope you can help.

I am a divorced parent whose wife left me 4 years ago, at the time due to the circumstances my 3 children all deciced to stay with me. More recently my 18 yr old sons relationship improved with his mother and he decieced to try living with her which he did for approx 9 weeks during June-August of this year. the move as meant to be more perminent but things did work work out so he moved back in with me.

During his short time with his mother he stayed only 2 nights in any week at her home the other time he went to his girlfriends as he realised quite quickly that things were not going to work out. I have now being chased by the CSA as she has put in a claim for the period that my son was with her, although he only stayed max 2 nights per week, i have tried talking to them with Read more

CSA has wrecked mine and my daughter’s life

August 23, 2010

I started having trouble with the CSA two years ago when my teenage daughter decided to go and live with her father. I had supported her for years not asking for much help from him and never going to the CSA.

As soon as she moved in with him he contacted them.

When I first heard from them I had arrears of nearly £2000 which they proceeded to take directly off my wage at the rate of £300 a month, I only earnt £750 a month at the time and was uneligable to claim any other benefits.

I called them to ask if they could reduce my payments as I could not afford my £300 a month council rent or council tax, their reply – ‘tough this payment comes before any other outgoing’ I spoke to citizans advice who were useless and unable to help. I could not afford my rent and after much begging and struggling with the council and CSA got absolutely nowhere. The irony is my daughter moved Read more

CSA still wants money even though child lives with me

August 23, 2010

I left my daughter’s mother 12 years ago when my daughter was 3 years old, up until that point I had looked after my daughter whilst she was working nights along with dropping her off and collecting her in the early hours and dropping my daughter off at a child minders. I decided to call it a day as I felt is was better for all parties involved when she tried to stab me in front of my daughter. I left the house with no possessions and agreed for her to take over the mortgage which I was paying half towards for sometime afterwards. Access was then very difficult and when I did arrange to see my daughter she would ring the police to say that I was trying to break in. I spent alot of money trying to gain access to my daughter and agreed to make payments and could see my daughter then on a weekly basis, but not over night. The usual events then took place, my daughter would be ill, not available not convenient…

I have continued to have a relationship with my daugter over the years and again took her mother to court as she planned to take her out of the country to live, this was blocked by the court and I was granted parental responsibility which was declined in the first round along with 1 weekend a month for visits.

She then went to the CSA which is when the fun started…. bearing in mind she was involved in Read more

How can I get the CSA to listen to me?

August 22, 2010

How Can I get my sons maintenance investigated back a number of years? I have recently found out and have proof that my ex has been giving the CSA “wrong” payslips and now have his original payslip for July and his P11 for last year.

CSA have told me they will not investigate this back as I did not contest the amount at the time (this was because I could not prove he was giving them the wrong info). They have told me they will not accept the proof I have either.

Please help I don’t know where to go for help to have this investigated properly. They don’t seem to be interested that he has committed fraud!!!!!

I thought this system was supposed to benefit the child not the non resident parent.

What happens to the money paid to the CSA?

August 22, 2010

By law any company which handles money on or behalf of someone else has to have a rigourous external Audit in order to ensure the funds received or paid are correct and are not lost, stolen, misused, or just dumped into an unallocated cash account ie999999 or xxxx awaiting allocation. This is a annual legal requirement. So can anyone tell me why I cant find any CSA Annual Reports and Accounts for 2009-2010 it seems the last ones reported were for years ago.

Help because I need this info to prove yet again the CSA have got it wroung in my case like so many of us. I’m desperate as they say I owe £6.5k in arrears but I no I dont but they just wont listen

Fathers put on the tears and they get away with it

August 21, 2010

My ex partner has not paid me a penny despite going through the CSA 8 years ago. He has constantly lied, allegedly been claiming benefits whilst working, and the debt he owes me is mounting.

CSA got a deduction from earnings order set up that was, and i quote (assessed on his incorrect wages!). As he then contacted the CSA and turned on the water works he has get away with it yet again. Next time i get a bill that i cannot afford, if i called in tears saying that i couldnt afford it, i wouldnt expect to get away with it.

The CSA is supposed to help and make the process easier but they have just increased my frustration, i will fight this to the bitter end and take legal advice if necessary.

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