We pay for two children, while husband’s ex refuses to pay for one

December 31, 2011

My husband has 2 boys with his ex wife, one lives with her and one lives with us.

My husband pay his ex wife £150 a month for the child that lives with her. This is a mutal agreement between them and we don’t recieve a single penny from her for the child that resides with us. Even though we are entitled to £5 a week off her.

She’s not willing to pay us for him at all.

My husband has just been made redundant and he isn’t working at the moment. Does he still have to pay his ex wife even though he doesn’t have an income?

Can I claim child maintenance for 18 year old student still in full time education?

December 31, 2011

I live with my 18 year old daughter who is still in full time education at coleg gwent campus crosskeys newport.

I was wondering if I am able to receive child maintenance while she is still in full time education.

I have two other children who live with their Read more

CSA are charging me for time my child lived outside UK

December 30, 2011

If I give as much detail as possible, you’ll be reading this forever (and I’ll be typing it forever as well) so I’m going to summarize it.

My marriage was very short, but we had a daughter. My ex is from South Africa, has a huge wealth of her own (from the proceeds of her family’s interests in mining), but chooses to keep it all abroad so that no one in UK can prove its existence.

We separated in 96 when Catherine was 1 year old. We had both recently been given redundancy from our jobs with the same company. She chose to live on benefits (hiding her assets from the system), I decided to try working as self-employed (I was a software developer).

CSA wrote to me in January 97, I sent back the enquiry form, filled out as much as possible. I couldn’t give them any company accounts, since I was in my first year of trading, so there were none available. They slapped an IMA on me for non-compliance. But my ex wasn’t prepared to wait for an assessment – she emptied my company account just Read more

CSA Australia

December 30, 2011

I left Australia in 1993 to try and start a business in Bali Indonesia , prior to leaving Australia I spoke to child support about my commitments while overseas trying to get things started. They told me that as long as I was not earning any wages I had no requirement to pay BUT if my circumstances changed I must notify them. After about 14 months of negations in Bali I made a deal to start the business BUT when I contacted my Business partner in Australia to arrange for my hovercraft to be sent over I found that he had sold them and so I’m then broke in Bali.

In the mean time I had met a lady with a small business in Bali and she was able to support me and has done ever since.

So from 1993 to 2010 I’ve never had an income however in August 2010 I returned to Australia in search of work BUT as soon as I registered with Centerlink I Read more

CSA incompetance goes on and on and on and on

December 29, 2011

In 1997 the csa started taking 70-80 percent of my wages resulting in me having to give up my job. After my MP getting involved and 1 1/2 years later my MP was jumping up and down in the office as he told me that the csa had admitted that there had been a miscalculation and £3500 had been wiped off the debt,never to be seen again. I had a letter from the csa stating “the new amount you owe is” along with the payments that I had to make to clear my debt and payments for maintainance.

Once the debt was paid they contacted me to ask for payment of a debt of £3500, the same amount that should of been cleared in 1999!

I refused to pay and in 2005 they took me to court and tried to bully me into making payments outside the court ,which I refused and then found out that they where not able to Read more

I took the CSA to the family court

December 29, 2011

In 2004 I took matters to Family Court as I knew my former partner would not be conciliatory even though our children said ” they loved their Mum and they loved their Dad so would like to see as much of each as possible even though we would be living apart!”

From March to October 2004 I fought for and achieved;

Joint residency order
Parental responsibility (A given to those on the birth certificate today) Shared care Equal contact

This cost me £35,000 and I believed it would serve my children till they were of an age that they could make their own decisions on contact probably as they reached secondary education, and although the mother sought to disrupt contact it worked OK until Sept 2007 since when Read more

I want to pay the CSA but their system won’t let me

December 28, 2011

I pay monthly for my 2 kids and have never missed a payment. 2 years ago my ex wife decided to go through the CSA, and I have continued to pay.

However during the time CSA have told me I can’t pay by Direct Debit as my account is ‘part clerical’ and want me to pay by standing order.

As the amount varies I have told them I want to pay by a method approved by them, Direct Debit. They tell me this is not possible and phone me once a month to take payment from my card. However they are so unrelieable and rarely phone me when they are meant to.

The bottom line is I want to pay by a CSA approved method, but due to issues with their systems I can’t.

How can I make a stand regarding this?

Advice with the CSA

December 28, 2011

Me and my husband seperated in 2002 and i continued to raise our 2 children but made sure they had regular contact with their dad and up until 2010 he was a great dad the children never went without anything between him and me.

Then he met his current partner and cut his access down from 2 nights everyweekend to 1 night a month as my 2 children were 2 much for her to cope with on top of her own 4 kids.(my son has autism). This upset my two alot but i still made sure they phoned him while he was away overnight (he is a wagon driver) so that they were at least talking.

Then the maintanance which was paid to me by my ex hubby and which had always been regular was cut to half what i was getting as he was struggling with money Read more

Not happy with the Child Support Agency

December 27, 2011

I split up with my husband at the beginning of 2009, I didnt actually contact CSA till september 2009 and I was getting regular payments for a year, In Spetember 2010 i got my last payment, I have not had anything since, I contact CSA at least once a month some times more!! Nothing seems to be getting done with my case, bringing up a 3year old child on your own isnt easy!! Every time i phone i seem to be getting lied to and the case seems to be going backwards instead of forward!

I have spoken to someone there today who dosent seem to know what she is talking about and lied to me at least 3 times that i know of during one conversation!

I am not happy with the service i have received for the past year and would like to see progress on my case.

I want to report my husband

December 27, 2011

I an writing to report my husband as some things don’t seem fair. My husband Mr.Ali Ozdemir has got 3 daugters. 2 daughters Silan Ozdemir and Kibar Ozdemir mother’s name is Ms. Emma Louise James and another one Tia Ozdemir, mother’s name Michelle Fraser. The matter is, Ali Ozdemir pays every week Emma Louise James more than he pays to Michelle Fraser. He dealed with his accountant to show his income very low to pay Ms. Fraser.

Ali Ozdemir runs 2 fish and chips take away shop, but now he sold them and got good money. I would like you to search properly how much his income is and pay all the kids he has same amount money. the reason I report him is this is really unfair situation. Could you please never mention how you did find out otherwise my relationship with my husband will go worse.

I couldn’t find csa number referans number at the moment but when I find I will try to contact you via telephone call. I hope this information will make everything fair.

Yours sincerely

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