I want to pay the CSA but their system won’t let me

December 28, 2011

I pay monthly for my 2 kids and have never missed a payment. 2 years ago my ex wife decided to go through the CSA, and I have continued to pay.

However during the time CSA have told me I can’t pay by Direct Debit as my account is ‘part clerical’ and want me to pay by standing order.

As the amount varies I have told them I want to pay by a method approved by them, Direct Debit. They tell me this is not possible and phone me once a month to take payment from my card. However they are so unrelieable and rarely phone me when they are meant to.

The bottom line is I want to pay by a CSA approved method, but due to issues with their systems I can’t.

How can I make a stand regarding this?


  • janet says:

    Can you not ring them up to pay?

  • KMcQ80 says:

    1. Do NOT given them your bank details.
    2. Do NOT pay by credit or debit card.
    Once they have your details they will deduct fictitious arrears etc.
    Pay by cheque.
    Or open a bank account only for the CSA.
    Have NO overdraft facility at all and only put onto the account the amount the CSA are due to take from you.
    ALWAYS keep control of the money you pay to the CSA.
    NEVER deal with the CSA by telephone only by post.

  • brian says:

    DO NOT PAY by Credit card, Debit card or auto payments DD, the CSA will really screw you no matter what and will whck you into DEBT!

    I agree with KMcQ80

  • chall says:


    I agree with KMcQ80, open a bank account only for the purpose of paying CSA by SO and drip feed it with enough to cover the payment.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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