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I want to report my husband

I an writing to report my husband as some things don’t seem fair. My husband Mr.Ali Ozdemir has got 3 daugters. 2 daughters Silan Ozdemir and Kibar Ozdemir mother’s name is Ms. Emma Louise James and another one Tia Ozdemir, mother’s name Michelle Fraser. The matter is, Ali Ozdemir pays every week Emma Louise James more than he pays to Michelle Fraser. He dealed with his accountant to show his income very low to pay Ms. Fraser.

Ali Ozdemir runs 2 fish and chips take away shop, but now he sold them and got good money. I would like you to search properly how much his income is and pay all the kids he has same amount money. the reason I report him is this is really unfair situation. Could you please never mention how you did find out otherwise my relationship with my husband will go worse.

I couldn’t find csa number referans number at the moment but when I find I will try to contact you via telephone call. I hope this information will make everything fair.

Yours sincerely

3 thoughts on “I want to report my husband

  1. This is a public forum that is not private you need to contact the useless agency another way

  2. Well if he has two daughters with one he would pay her more as she has an extra child to support, why isn’t that fair? He is still paying for the 3 children which some fathers fail to do. It’s only the pwc who can report a problem, if she has one.

  3. hahathis was obviously posted thinking this was the CSA website… tell you what everyone … let’s all start naming the vengeful, bitter, lying ex wives, who persecute us via the CSA for their own reasons. I’ve always paid for my sons, paid the mortgage every month on the former matrimonial home (£230 a month) paid the life assurance (£50 a month) and gave her £100 a week. SHE was claiming benefits and Housing benefit money NOT declaring my financial support. She has been pressing the buttons with the CSA and I’ve been fighting them for five years now because the CSA worked my ‘income’ out as an employed person, not self employed, which I have been since 2001. The CSA stated they didnt believe I was self employed even though my tax records, WTC etc state I clearly am. I have also seen copies of CSA documents which they also state clearly ‘Self employed’. So… they have tried to seize the moey I’m due from my Mum’s estate after her death (£8,500) through a third party liability order (court action pending). They tried to thieve my house and other resources (failed as I spent them before they could get at them) – as soon as the ex wife discovered my Mum had died 5 years ago, she stated she wanted some of the estate and would make me pay big time…. all the money I’ve given her in support, she told the CSA was simply ‘a gift’ (every month for nearly 5 years!!). She had even moved a homeless window cleaner into the former house living together, with me paying for the pair of them in a lavish lifestyle with fresh strawberries and prawns for tea and all inclusive 4 star holidays in Cyprus! So I stopped paying for them and she decided to lie to the CSA for more cash. Yet…. the CSA have believed her wild tales about her being ‘single’ and with no income. Absolutely disgusting – she’s been married for almost 7 years now to that shiftless gippo. They now live in Needham Place, Cramlington in a big fancy semi detached house, having lied about income to the mortgage company about their incomes – they are nothing more than fiddling scum. I’m having to fight for my life to bring the truth out, and stop the CSA persecuting me. it seems npo matter how many lies the ex wives tell, the CSA simply believe them and act as their own private debt collection agency. The CSA are hounding me for almost £24,000!!! Can you imagine the colossal strain here? it absolutely disgusting….. So come on – let’s name and shame these vampirical parasites and the CSA pieces of filth that support their lies. Oh by the way, her name and address is Stephanie ………………………………………………

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