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We pay for two children, while husband’s ex refuses to pay for one

My husband has 2 boys with his ex wife, one lives with her and one lives with us.

My husband pay his ex wife £150 a month for the child that lives with her. This is a mutal agreement between them and we don’t recieve a single penny from her for the child that resides with us. Even though we are entitled to £5 a week off her.

She’s not willing to pay us for him at all.

My husband has just been made redundant and he isn’t working at the moment. Does he still have to pay his ex wife even though he doesn’t have an income?

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  1. Your husband, if in receipt of Job Seeker’s Allowance is liable for £5 per week, for the child who resides with your partners ex’s mother. However if you do not IMMEDIATELY inform the CSA by registered post of the change of circumstance and that your husband is no longer working they are allowed to calculate arrears on what you last paid i.e. £150 per month or worse still do what is called Interim Maintenance Assessment i.e. the mother tells them your income and they take it as Gospel truth handed down from god as the only possible truth and then your problems really start. Also if your husband was made redundant under more recent CSA enactments he may be liable to 15% of his redundancy ( for 1 child). It is unfortunate that you have a child living with you and the very same mother refuses to contribute but that’s how it is with the CSA they only target working fathers on PAYE through their NI numbers as they are easy targets. Scrounging Indolent mothers with absolutely no concept of personal responsibility get huge handouts from the state.

  2. My partner and I have a 3 month old baby, we also pay £150 a month for his little girl who lives with us 5 days a week. the mother still claims child benefit and tax credits for her so we are really struggling to buy even the basics like food and heating. Weve tried phoning csa to tell them of the circumstances but they refuse to believe us and say we need proof?? Yet they go on about informing them of a change in circumstance or they can take you to court etc. Anyone know what the hell these people are trying to do? I cant even afford milk for my daughter.

  3. I am sorry but you do not pay £150 a month, your partner does. I can understand why you feel hard done by, but you knew he had another obligation before you had a child. £150 is £35.71 a week. That sounds an awful small sum of money. Perhaps you need to get a job to enable you to purchase milk for your baby. if things are that bad you get free milk.

    Lets not forget you are receiving child benefit and if you are not receiving other benefits as well, it is because you are above a certain income and can easily afford £35 a week. Come on get real.

  4. Paying for a daughter who actually lives with you 5 days a week,only going to the (SAID)PWC at weekends.Ring the fraud tax office ,you should be claiming the child benefit.If the child is in school get the school to comfirm that the girl is living with you.I cant believe that this lady is being told to get a job and that its not her thats paying the money.Surely this money is coming from the family unit.Remember the mother (who has her daughter 2 nights per week),is claiming benefits she shouldnt be having.This lady whos partner is paying the CM is most probably looking after this girl,providing clothes,food,toys and being there for her .£35.71 is a lot of money when it is being stolen from one family to be given to a mother who by my standards should not be accepting it but paying it directly back to the father.Dont ring CSA put it in writing and make that call today to the fraud department.Good luck

  5. Oh my god mary and you call your self human how very dare you £35.71 is alot when there is also a other child living with them. And they are a family so yes she is paying for that child. Its people like you my dear that let the csa think they can do this to hard up familys.

  6. anna,

    If your OH’s is liable to pay CSA and his case commenced on/after 03/03/03 your OH should receive a 15% reduction on his total income for your child, prior to his daughters maintenance being calculated. In which case the initial reduction for your child would be higher than the 15% (less any reductions) of the remaining balance of his income.

    When your partners daughter is at your house 5 days a week, is it every week and does she return to her mums house to sleep at night OR stay at yours?
    -If she sleeps over 5 nights a week, most weeks, your OH should apply for Child Benefit for her and he will then have the proof to give the CSA.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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