CSA Australia

December 30, 2011

I left Australia in 1993 to try and start a business in Bali Indonesia , prior to leaving Australia I spoke to child support about my commitments while overseas trying to get things started. They told me that as long as I was not earning any wages I had no requirement to pay BUT if my circumstances changed I must notify them. After about 14 months of negations in Bali I made a deal to start the business BUT when I contacted my Business partner in Australia to arrange for my hovercraft to be sent over I found that he had sold them and so I’m then broke in Bali.

In the mean time I had met a lady with a small business in Bali and she was able to support me and has done ever since.

So from 1993 to 2010 I’ve never had an income however in August 2010 I returned to Australia in search of work BUT as soon as I registered with Centerlink I received a bill from CSA demanding $66000.00 in child support . Naturally I contacted them and asked how I could incur a bill when I had never worked .I was in contact with them the entire time I was back in Australia and could never get an answer as to how they could make the assessment when I had no income.

While working in Australia I paid tax opened a bank account ,all the normal things that you do when working. Then I lost my Job due to failing a medical and was not able to drive on to BHP sites in the area. As my housing came with the job I had no choice but to leave and return to Indonesia.

Now that I have completed a tax return and lodged it as required by law but my return was taken by the CSA.

If they could just tell me when I ever earned any money between 1993 and 2010 then I could understand.