Should I involve the CSA?

December 26, 2011

I have a 15 year old boy with my ex wife.

I have paid maintenance since he was about 1yr old when we seperated.

However we never involved the CSA and were able to come to an agreement over the years that she was happy with on our own.

I have never missed a payment however the amount was just what I could afford and she agreed to.

I may want to use the CSA due to financial difficulties but am worried that you will go back over the whole of the past and either say in theory I have not paid enough even though she was happy and i will owe money I have not got or I have paid to much and she will owe me money she has not got neither of which I want.

I just want the legal, fare amount to be paid moving forward whether it be more or less then I currently pay.

Are you able to advise what will happen if I involve the CSA now?

Best intentions
Mike Allan

CSA staff member acused me of abandoning my children

December 26, 2011

I had been making payments for my youngest two children to the C.S.A. I left my job in 2006 to help my daughter look after her disabled child. I wrote to the C.S.A explaining my change in circumstances and received no acknowledgement from them. As this seems to be normal procedure from these offices I (wrongly) thought they would reduce my payments or stop them due to the fact I was in receipt of J.S.A.

My granddaughter died early 2008 and I returned to work. I changed jobs in 2009 and 2010 in all cases informed C.S.A. It seems all the letters I sent either were not Read more

7 years of fighting, on the verge of giving up

December 25, 2011

For 7 years I have been fighting for maintenance for my daughter from her father. Numerous liability orders have been granted against him for non-payment and last year the CSA decided to take him to court for non-payment, and commital to prison.

The case was due to be heard in february but was adjourned as the CSA court officer did not have the correct information. The next court date was once again adjourned for not having the correct documents. Eventually my daughters father decided to ask for a DNA test to be done, which was done and then proved to him that the child was Read more

Child Support Agency staff treated me like scum

December 25, 2011

I was sent a document from the CSA regarding my son, this document was completed with all the relevant details. With no communication or letter I had £600 removed from my wages via a court order leaving me to not afford to pay for all the basic necessaties for my three children. When I contacted the CSA they stated I failed security questions and slammed down the phone. They were very rude unsupportive and unable to address any of the issues.

They did however speak to my current partner who had no security based Read more

CSA keeps reassessing my partner when nothing has changed

December 24, 2011

My partner has been paying the CSA religiously since him and his ex wife split/divorced…. They seem to be assessing him every other month!!!! WHY….. he keeps getting letters saying ” we understand that your circumstances may have changed, please provide 2 consecutive payslips ” NOOOOOOOO they havent changed. They keep asking him to provide his employers name, address and when he started work, WHICH THEY HAVE HAD A DOZEN TIMES… why why why are they picking on him. He pays the CSA every month exactly what the CSA have told him to pay, its now starting to look like bullying….

Actually there was a change his tax code changed from 363L to K18 which means he now he is taxed on every penny he earns…. But that changed only happened recently…..

Can someone please let me know if they are allowed to keep assessing him every other month when nothing has changed or could it be his ex wife who keeps insisting they assess?

CSA payment just become self employed

December 24, 2011

Sorry if this question has already been asked before..

In short, my ex and I got back together a couple of months ago, we agreed to send our son to private school, fees were okay as we were living together. Now we split up (the 10th time)., she is demanding I pay his school fee, £400 (which is half) and CSA.

I want to pay what I am meant to, (as this would be around 500£/pm) but I am now self employed, and have no idea how to calculate my income?

Yes, I know I pay 15% of my salary, dividends etc. BUT I need to pay self assessment tax at the end of the year. Does anyone have any advise please on this?

I have always made payments to her in the past, even when not working for periods of over 6 months (I took loans out)..

CSA went straight to my employer to deduct more money

December 23, 2011

I have been paying regular CSA payments since 2007 by direct debit with no problems and I’ve had the same job earning the same amount. Totally out of the blue the CSA contacted me in October this year to say my case had been re-assessed and I had arrears of over £1,000.

When I challenged them as to where the arrears had come from they told me they dated back to 2008 but still won’t tell me how they’ve worked it out. I sent a letter of appeal and received a reply last weekend stating my appeal has been rejected as I didn’t make any valid points! And now, even with a direct debit arrangement in place, they’ve contacted my employer and set up an AOE without discussing payment options with me first.

I’m now losing over a quarter of my income and am now in debt and borrowing from payday companies just to get through Christmas. How can these bullies justify what they’re doing?

Hope you can help.

The CSA system stinks

December 23, 2011

My partner and i pay regular csa for his children..he has ALWAYS paid since 2002…and we have proof on payslips.

we pay a huge amount to the point he is working for NOTHING…we then struggle to pay our bills ect..and we have children at home too.(my children)..yet the csa have done NOTHING to collect any monies owed to me for my children.

MY arrears to me are a whopping great £41.000!!! 14YRS worth of my ex lying,moving and avoiding paying them…yet every week he sees his children,..i never stop Read more

Our child is being harmed due to neglectful father

December 22, 2011

Two years ago i split up with my husband. our child was three at the time and live with me. I offered my ex as much access as he wished and he didnt want any time. it took 2 months and me and his mother begging him to see his child two times a month. But i had to take her to him he paid no maintenance for over 12 months. on many occassions he has threatened to take her away from me and not brought her back home i’ve had to drive round his relatives house to find her.

He says he wanted to see her more so i agreed to this but he never done it. I asked him to help with payment for school trips and uniforms as he didnt pay maintenance but he refused said because i left him it was my fault.

Eventually i went throught the csa they said he would have to pay 75 a month for 6 months (due to arrears) then 35 after that he said he couldnt afford 75 a month as he was only Read more

My variation order means NOTHING to CSA

December 22, 2011

My partner is self employed the business actualy made a loss last year and they said after taking into account my girlfriends caters allowance and wtf we earn 126 a week and still have to pay £51 each week ! She moved miles away and to drive over to see them costs £30 of fuel and food costs where not even taken into consideration after lots of phone calls eventually got told about this ? Whilst waiting 6 months to hear denied my variation order on grounds I hadn’t paid any money!

Only coz I didn’t know how much!!!

I can’t afford to work any more and might have to close my business! This is causing lots of problems at home and we argue all the time. I can’t even afford to visit my kids now so I don’t see them now?

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