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Advice with the CSA

Me and my husband seperated in 2002 and i continued to raise our 2 children but made sure they had regular contact with their dad and up until 2010 he was a great dad the children never went without anything between him and me.

Then he met his current partner and cut his access down from 2 nights everyweekend to 1 night a month as my 2 children were 2 much for her to cope with on top of her own 4 kids.(my son has autism). This upset my two alot but i still made sure they phoned him while he was away overnight (he is a wagon driver) so that they were at least talking.

Then the maintanance which was paid to me by my ex hubby and which had always been regular was cut to half what i was getting as he was struggling with money after buying his new car. Again i agreed and let it go trying to be nice.

Then, his girlfriend got nasty with my children telling them they were not welcome in her house etc so i stopped them going to hers but still made sure they saw their dad at his mums as often as possible. All maintenance stopped at xmas last yr when he moved in and my two got a toy from the pound shop off them but her children got mobiles games consoles etc.

A few months ago she had his baby to which my two have still not seen the baby or even been told its name which has upset them.

My problem is why when she receives maintenance from the 4 dads of her kids and (benefits too) why is the amount for my children reduced ?

If my ex was their father i could understand and also i understand he now has a baby to support but why should mine loose out to her that is raking it in by having all these baby fathers!

And too dat the csa due to TECHNICAL ISSUES have not even contacted him yet! So i am getting nothing towards their upbringing again this xmas and have been told today to contact them again in 12weeks to see if he has responded then they can assess him.

Maybe its not worth the hassle and im better going it alone?

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