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Not happy with the Child Support Agency

I split up with my husband at the beginning of 2009, I didnt actually contact CSA till september 2009 and I was getting regular payments for a year, In Spetember 2010 i got my last payment, I have not had anything since, I contact CSA at least once a month some times more!! Nothing seems to be getting done with my case, bringing up a 3year old child on your own isnt easy!! Every time i phone i seem to be getting lied to and the case seems to be going backwards instead of forward!

I have spoken to someone there today who dosent seem to know what she is talking about and lied to me at least 3 times that i know of during one conversation!

I am not happy with the service i have received for the past year and would like to see progress on my case.

3 thoughts on “Not happy with the Child Support Agency

  1. I take it you have no communication with your ex husband to find out first hand what is going on? Csa do lie, have to me numerous times, my ex a hopper and fed up with the hassle of it never being processed so closed my case. Think the only thing you can do is complain, seems unfair that you have nrps on here hounded to the ground for supporting their children and exes like ours who slip through the net??

  2. Oh this is no surprise to me, I spent over 11 months ringing CSA after I stopped receiving payments but got no where! I decided to write to them with a formal complaint and now they actually ring me instead of ignoring me or fobbing me off! Write to them and be sure to title it “formal complaint”, you will see how all of a sudden you have a case worker and anytime you call you will go directly through to them as long as your complaint is still live and being investigated

  3. I have had an ongoing issue with the CSA since 1998 i have never received regular payments and have debts owed to me at £15,000, the CSA are useless i have got as far as liabilty orders being granted by courts but now it is an ongoing battle with baliffs that can never seem to catch up with him, the CSA are useless and rude with lack of communication

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