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CSA incompetance goes on and on and on and on

In 1997 the csa started taking 70-80 percent of my wages resulting in me having to give up my job. After my MP getting involved and 1 1/2 years later my MP was jumping up and down in the office as he told me that the csa had admitted that there had been a miscalculation and £3500 had been wiped off the debt,never to be seen again. I had a letter from the csa stating “the new amount you owe is” along with the payments that I had to make to clear my debt and payments for maintainance.

Once the debt was paid they contacted me to ask for payment of a debt of £3500, the same amount that should of been cleared in 1999!

I refused to pay and in 2005 they took me to court and tried to bully me into making payments outside the court ,which I refused and then found out that they where not able to produce any evidence which then meant it was adjourned and the next time they made me wait around all day just to withdraw the case.

They then took me to court in 2008, just to keep me hanging around all day and withdraw the case.

And here we are today, just had another summons for next week, and I no longer have to pay for my daughter as she is over 18 and working.

Don’t ask them for any information as you wont get it.I have given up asking for information they have on me (perhaps they are afraid I might use it to get the truth).

As for phone calls even if they say they will call you back don’t believe it (I must have been told this 50 times and I have been called back once).

The one bit of advice that I can give though is record everything (time of call, who you spoke to, what it was about).Keep all the letters no matter how trivial it may seem and keep it all, even when your kids have grown up as they might turn round and take you to court (again).

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  1. Well done you! I got screwed for £6,400 of ‘made up’ arrears. I went to a tribunal and the adjudicator took the p-ss, by stating that he had no jurisdiction regarding arrears. I got shafted good style!

    My case has been through my M.P. and to the Ombudsmans office. ALL of them have covered for each other with corruption and collusion, in order to reject my case. The Serious fraud office should investigate and arrest ALL of them for theft!

    Maria Miller has recently announced £300 million has been written off, whilst others are continually targeted, with made up arrears and a 3 tier system of payments (csa1 csa 2 and csa 3) that breaches human rights legislation.

    I will writing to Miller and then the Serious fraud office. How can it be that a few people pay and others are ‘let off’. It’s a shambles and a complete scandal!

  2. have now been to court where I was informed that I was not allowed to produce evidence or defend myself even though the csa were taking me to court for a liability order for £3305.37 that according to the secretary of state at the time should be “wiped out of existence” as it was due to a csa miscalculation.
    I now have a liability order for the above amount, which just goes to show that the csa are more powerful than the Secretary of State.

  3. I have just received letter from the CSA stating I owe them 400 pound. I know thats not a lot to some people but it is to me. Especially when I dont owe it in the first place.
    What makes my blood boil more is the fact that they failed to get maintenance off my exhusband – he still owes 1000 pound. I have a complaint ongoing with ICE (years nearly up) to sort out all the problems I have had with the CSA over the last 16 years.(AFTER 2 INTERNAL COMPLAINTS TO THE CSA WHICH WASNT SORTED)
    I too was promised return phonecalls and didnt get any. Ive recorded all my calls.
    All I wanat is a break down of the calculation which apparently they cannot give as I dont have a case worker anymore!!. (but they could do this 2 years ago!!)
    By my calculations (using their figures) I was 20 months in arrears – the case against my ex was opened in Nov’ 2008 – he didnt receive money from the CSA until March 2009 (5 months). It doesnt take a genious to work out how much I should have paid but the CSA used incorrect information right from the start of the case which I tried (for 5 months) to sort out.
    The excuses they come up with are unbeleivable.
    I have 2 young children to support on my own – I have received very little maintenance over the years for my children and I have worked for 30 years – supporting myself.

  4. To jacqueline.

    You should make an appointment with your M.P. and tell them that your ex has not paid and yet they are hounding you.

    I had this. I paid from day one and yet I was the parent with care for a child of ours that I raising by myself. His mother did not pay anything for 3 years because the CSA let her off. I went to my M.P. and he sorted it. She then had to pay!

  5. Up to £300m of child maintenance debts to be written off
    More than £300million worth of historic child maintenance debts is to be written off, in a new move by ministers.”

    How can ANY minister authorise the write off of £300 million unpaid child support whilst others are hounded?

    It’s a complete shambles!

  6. now the csa are failing to follow their own protocols and contact you to arrange payment before sending in the bailiffs.
    been waiting since the new year for them to contact me since the new year and got in from work friday night to open a letter from bailiffs informing me that I have until monday to pay the full amount (which I haven’t got) by monday or they shall be coming to my houser to seize goods to the value.
    My 9 year old son cannot be convinced that they will not take his stuff and is terrified.
    looking after the wellfare of the child, I think not.
    My 18 year old daughter (who the money is meant to be for) is disgusted with the csa and wishes they would just leave me alone.

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