If ex admits I’m not the father will the messages be enough to rid me of CSA?

February 28, 2017

I am almost through with my wife regarding a divorce and the grounds it’s on is her adultery which has been proved and passed through but the divorce court and judge just waiting for final few weeks . We really don’t get on and recently through text messages which I have kept she is saying that I am not the father of our child and that she only ever chased me for money and the father is the man she’s with now and has another child with recently ( he was part of the adultery ) .

with court proof of her adultery and the txt messages if I send that to the csa is that enough proof for them to stop chasing me for money ?

And now surely If she changes her mind it’s up to her to get the DNA test done ?

Finally a bit of karma for the CSA staff!

February 28, 2017

Ha Ha Ha HA Ha, we finally get our own back, CSA staff all starting to be made redundant. No chance of other jobs in the real world as that will require be professional, accurate and reasonable. I hope to god smug Sarah is one of those affected. Soooo happy today, I see they had tears in their eyes. What goes around comes around.

I still pay CSA as son is still in education but he rarely attends

February 27, 2017

I get £320 a month taken out of my wage I wouldn’t mined but my son is nearly 18. The collage let him take crap courses that wont give him anything he can use and I have to pay his wages for it. He has done the same course for two years and intends to take the same course next year. He doesn’t even turn up to collage half the time. I started work the day I left school nobody paid for me until I was 20. It’s a joke and makes me resent him a little.

I’ve paid CSA and now it’s due to stop they demand an extra £13,000!

February 21, 2017

Rang csa in January 2015 as payment on attachment of earnings should of stopped november 2014 as child turned 20 that month,The c,s,a advised me I owed they 13000 pounds from 20 years ago,How can that happen,was not earning that type of money then only earning 150 per week on average,why did they want 13000 pounds,not only that now found out the child came out of education in 2011,the payment should of stopped then,but the c,s,a carry on taking till now and forever,now question c,s,a on how this monies outstanding,they wont give any answer but told me I owe this money when I don’t.

Also In 2005 they said they owed me monies but now that not correct,because I have ask for this to be looked at sending letters to M.P ,THE C.S.A. AND THE GOVERMENT STILL NO JOY,Now have an order against me for something not owing and just advised on this by call from C.S.A, The problem also had an attachment of earnings for 19 years which was set by c.s.a and nobody can change that ,why this bill from 20 years ago and why didnt the c,s,a stop payments in 2011 when they were not entitled to more monies,need help what can I do, 20 years ago if only earning a average 150 pounds how can they take equivalent to 103 pounds per week into account also why wont they listen about when payment should of stopped in 2011.why do they just want to make figures up and make peoples life hell,not just that but make myself ill with stress and depression and nearly taking my life on couple of occasions.

CSA want me to pay for money my children are entitled to!

February 17, 2017

The new cmec rules are an absolute joke !!! In 6 years csa have not used any of this supposed legal power they claim to have despite my ex not paying and doing all he can to avoid paying… despite him being employed for many of the years.. instructung his employer to declare earnings however as a self employed taxi driver they under no legal obligation to give the information !!! They wasnt interested that my children were going without !!! Finally track him down and guess what ! £5 per week 2 children..still at least it was something !! Now they have ended this and told i have to pay £20 !!!! To apply for money my children are entitled too and desperately need !! Sick and tired of working all hours struggling to provide all my children need when this organisation thinks its acceptable …whoever applies has to pay !!! They cant make him do anything (exact words of the officer iv just spoken too ) complete and utter let down !!!

Greedy ex may force me to leave my job then it’s the kids who miss out

February 16, 2017

I have been paying my ex partner for two children support payments of 300.00 pcm since we split two years ago,she is also still in the matrimonial home with her new partner to whom she left me for. Over time she has reduced my overnight contact gradually over the two years from myself having them 75% of the time to me now having them only 5% of the time. I have them 2 evenings every week and friday to sunday night every second weekend. I take them on holidays, pay for school trips and any other items they may require whilst in my care. But only last week i had a letter from the CMS demanding i now pay over 800.00 pcm i spoke to my ex who just laughed and said she played her trump card by going to the cms. I am now in a financial crisis as i cannot afford to make these payments as it is based on my top line of my wages to which half is earned by working alot of overtime when available. the issue is my company are reducing overtime and my wages will decrease but the payments will still stay the same and i also cannot afford to support my new partner and her family of 4 children to whom who are now my family.

I have never missed a payment or declined anything they needed for school or home.

I have a great career but i now see no other option but to resign from my position as i will never be able to move on with my life while i am being robbed by a government agencie that looks no further into an individual case and by a bitter and twisted ex that cannot agree on a affordable fair figure and is only interested in dragging me through a process because of her greed.

Thus if i resign both parties lose out and the biggest issue is the children lose out.

The only thing that cannot be taken is the love from their dad.

The system is extremely floored and designed to cripple the NRP or is it just me?

CSA are taking my money and can’t even tell me why!

February 15, 2017

Called the CSA last week to inquire why they are taking payments direct from my wage. My Children are now both men and in their twenties.

Apparently they say it is for arrears but as yet no one can tell me how much or what period this is from. After a very long period on hold (when I should’ve been working) some one came on the line and said he was going into a meeting and couldn’t help at that time. He said he would call me back Saturday. Saturday came and no phone call so I called in again only to be told no one in that department worked Saturdays. I requested another call back. Waited all day Monday. Nothing! So I called back today (Tuesday) 40 minutes and counting I am still on hold wasting yet more money on the CSA.

Eighteen years of pure Hell, 1 nervous breakdown, several very long bouts of depression, unemployment and I can count on my fingers how many times she actually allowed me to see my children through that period.

Back to the present… 42 minutes later my call is now dropped.

Did I die ages ago and go to hell or am I still alive? I’m not sure I can tell!!!!

Ex agreed to pay direct but is now missing payments

February 13, 2017

Been split from my ex partner 4 years and he agreed to pay £80 a month for 2 children only 1 year ago he has missed 2 payments and i dont know what else to do gave him chance after chance just calculated what i should be getting and im gobamacked am i dealing with this in the right way as i dont know what else to do i dont know his actual income i did a quess at 1000 a month i never asked for much for the kids but im sick of been made a fool of.

Change of jobs means CSA calculations are way off!

February 10, 2017

Since May 2016 been having real problems with the CSA, was made redundant and the CSA rang both me and my ex telling me to stop paying , I did this against my better wishes, lucky I found a new job and started 27th June 2017, I informed the CSA and they wanted payslips as prof, I sent the first one off end of July 2017, unfortunately they would not accept this ,as this was over a full months wages, middle of August 2017 I took my son on holiday for 3 weeks, so that ruled out Aug’s salary, before I went away I handed my notice in and on my return I started a new job 5th sept 2017, so September’s salary was not a full month’s either , moving on to October and November salary have been handed in ,but they are now saying I’m months in arrears , have been ringing them every week and getting nowhere to sort the problem out ex is now insisting I pay the CSA direct which will cost me another 20% , I’m more than happy to pay the arrears off if they can come back with the right figure but we are a million miles away, can’t be that different but they are making it so, it’s so difficult to work out , and now they are going back 4 years unsure while as I have always paid what they have stated, just seems never ending at present 9/2/17 they were supposed to ring again and nothing one step forward and 3 back sorry to say. help needed.

CSA treat men like criminals even though women share responsibility

February 8, 2017

I have 2 10 year old girls twins ‘ I’ve been treated shocking by the mother over the years I believe in paying my way for my children. I’ve been stopped haveing them to many times over 9 years but still have to suffer , it’s turned on the man as though he is a criminal with most of the mothers the csa also treats you like a criminal ‘ there is some men who want to have their children and pay for them no matter what but are still made to suffer by the mother and the csa.

I’m a carer for my wife who is disabled who has had all kinds of abuse to my self and my wife over the last few years over my children. I had an excellent job when I met my wife 8 years ago but was told I will be ruined by my children’s mother ‘ I lost my job because of the mother of my children because I wanted to move on with my wife now , my x partner was sleeping around and has no shame in admitting it ‘ I still have broken contact with my children now it’s sole distorting for me and my two girls .

The csa ain’t interested in what the woman does just a man I’ve had arguments with them and my wife has they spoke to her like I couldn’t say in this ‘ they was taking £95 a fortnightly out of my wife’s esa even to this day never had any money back of them as they was taking to much out of her money for months but yet take the man for every think . It takes two to have children so not just the man should be made to suffer ‘ the woman should be made to share the responsibility and pay for them the law should be changed for the better! Over the years men have payed the price with there life because of the out come with the csa then told you can’t see your children isn’t it enough not spending qaulity time with them . That’s a price no one can put on.

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