CMS upped payments and won’t offer any kind of solution

March 30, 2018

I have been paying child support for a good number of years at £350 which is hard. I had reall trouble finding a job and I ended up taking a job in London which costs me over £400 to get to and from. The CMS have now told me I need to increase my payments to £480 which I just cant afford. I’m being crippled by financial worries and this is just adding to them. I have tried to talk to the CMS who seem completely unwilling to help and just say ‘have a word with your ex’! my ex wants as much money as she can get her hands on and wont budge.

Is there anything I can do?

Ex stole child away from me and now wants to bleed me dry

March 23, 2018

When my son was 8 my ex decided to just steal him!! He dragged me through the courts said I was a junkie. prostitute and an unfit mother. My son had lived happily with his Master’s Degree Mum happily and was well rounded and gaining well at school. He forced me to have a hair strand test for drugs at my expense which I did – it was clear!

My ex was awarded custody by a misogynous male magistrate and I have not seen him since. I do not know where he lives, I have tried to trace him. I am heart broken and now have quite severe PTSD. I work hard still and I am a very respected Social Worker of 18 years.

Two year ago I receive a letter from the CSA telling me they are deducting monies at source. I was absolutely shocked, I haven’t seen my son for years and now I have to pay money.

All because my ex is a non-working layabout that I now need to fund.

How can I stop them? Is there any test law that ha gone through the European Courts yet? Don’t get me wrong I will pay for my son I’m his mother but he possibly doesn’t even see the monies I pay. I also cannot comprehend how they deduct 12% of your gross earnings without even looking at your outgoing expenses. Sometimes I cannot heat my home because of the amount of monies I am paying for a son I cannot see.

What can I do? I have heard some people declare a nil income. Then I would just save him money every month until he is 16 which is this year.

I am confused and a bit furious about it all. I have even considered becoming unemployed as they are bleeding me dry.

thanks for listening to my rant.

Fathers who try to evade CSA by emigrating should have passports taken off them!

March 9, 2018

It’s not true REMO and the MEBC can enforce a non-resident parent that lives overseas to pay maintenance. I did it with my ex but you need to keep pestering them. Eventually the foreign court depending on where the person lives through The Hague Convention has to enforce maintenance. my ex thought he could escape by moving to Australia sadly for him he now pays twice the amount of maintenance he paid in the UK , lol!!! That’s after a year of badgering by me though. That bastard never got away with it nor should any other non-resident parent . You were there 50 percent to make the child in the first place . I don’t even think 15 percent is enough at all. They should have their passports taken away and be forced to have contact with their children. he doesn’t want to see his until she is eighteen . I just think that’s his loss he is missing out on a lovely daughter he could have known. I have him every opportunity to have a relationship with her and he just didn’t want it or possibly his new wife. I think that’s extremely sad and pity him.

CSA hounding me for arrears even though I had no income at all!

March 8, 2018

I have two children which i have never failed to pay for but in October 2017 i had a brackdown and ran away from my family and friends and went to Scotland for five months! i had no contact with anyone in all that time! not good at all! but now im on the mend and getting help but the csa are saying i have to pay 2000 in arrears even thou i had no income during this time at all!! and have no money now.

iv just got a new job and in scared they take it all off me!

Can anyone advise?

Can my husband claim back historical CSA payments back due to age?

March 6, 2018

My husband was 15 when he fathered a child with a 21yr old woman. My husband was hounded by the CSA to pay for this child. Surely upon reading prehistoric cases, this woman groomed and had sex with a minor? There have been statements written and proof that she started having sex with a 14 year old boy! We are thinking about seeking legal advice, could we get our money back which we paid, my husband is 51 now and the child is in his 30’s. No contact has been made.

I won’t pay CSA if I can’t be a dad to my son

March 1, 2018

So yesterday I had my most recent up to date love letter from them blood suckers from up yonder.

They say they are going to start taking £197 a week directly from my bank account! Haha I owe £10,000 for 1 child that I’ve not set eyes on in the last 9 years because of the ex’s bitterness.

As far as I’m concerned she lost the right to my wallet when I was rejected the right to play apart in his life.

I’m not paying to be dad without playing dad. I honestly want them to do their worst. I’ve got 2 kids and a girlfriend by the time I’m left with my money after the tax man and the csa tax man has had a play your looking at abit £200 a week from £600. So that’s £800 a month to feed 2 adults and 2 children?

I paid about £6000 to begin with but I thought what is the point I told the csa I would set up and isa for when he grows up but they obviously rejected.

I’m not paying and will never pay a penny. I’ll never have nothing with or without paying them bastards so what difference does it make.

The thoughts that go through my mind because of having them blood suckers hound you from every corner it’s unreal. I could commit some serious carnage because all the bullshit they give out.

Where’s guy fawkes when you need him.




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