Fathers who try to evade CSA by emigrating should have passports taken off them!

March 9, 2018

It’s not true REMO and the MEBC can enforce a non-resident parent that lives overseas to pay maintenance. I did it with my ex but you need to keep pestering them. Eventually the foreign court depending on where the person lives through The Hague Convention has to enforce maintenance. my ex thought he could escape by moving to Australia sadly for him he now pays twice the amount of maintenance he paid in the UK , lol!!! That’s after a year of badgering by me though. That bastard never got away with it nor should any other non-resident parent . You were there 50 percent to make the child in the first place . I don’t even think 15 percent is enough at all. They should have their passports taken away and be forced to have contact with their children. he doesn’t want to see his until she is eighteen . I just think that’s his loss he is missing out on a lovely daughter he could have known. I have him every opportunity to have a relationship with her and he just didn’t want it or possibly his new wife. I think that’s extremely sad and pity him.


  • David says:

    Hi Tracey

    Good for you. Your ex-partner is a complete idiot if what you say is true. There is nothing to be compared with having a child and seeing them grow up. What people do not seem to realise sometimes is that a child need both parents. Some single parents think their children don’t need a father but that simply is not true. The reason why so many young people are messed up in our society is the lack of a good father.

    Further, the reason why many men are not in their children’s lives, however, is because of vindictive mothers who use their children as pawns to punish the father. That is evil and wicked because not only are they hurting the fathers concerned, they are also causing great emotional damage to children who will grow up having huge problems. YOU MUST PUT YOUR CHILD’S EMOTIONAL NEEDS FIRST. It is much more important than money. There should be a correlation between the payment of child support and access to children. The system is truly messed up (deliberately of course).

    Thank you Tracey for at least trying to involve the father in your daughter’s life. Like you said, it is his loss. I hope other women take inspiration from you.


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