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Ex stole child away from me and now wants to bleed me dry

When my son was 8 my ex decided to just steal him!! He dragged me through the courts said I was a junkie. prostitute and an unfit mother. My son had lived happily with his Master’s Degree Mum happily and was well rounded and gaining well at school. He forced me to have a hair strand test for drugs at my expense which I did – it was clear!

My ex was awarded custody by a misogynous male magistrate and I have not seen him since. I do not know where he lives, I have tried to trace him. I am heart broken and now have quite severe PTSD. I work hard still and I am a very respected Social Worker of 18 years.

Two year ago I receive a letter from the CSA telling me they are deducting monies at source. I was absolutely shocked, I haven’t seen my son for years and now I have to pay money.

All because my ex is a non-working layabout that I now need to fund.

How can I stop them? Is there any test law that ha gone through the European Courts yet? Don’t get me wrong I will pay for my son I’m his mother but he possibly doesn’t even see the monies I pay. I also cannot comprehend how they deduct 12% of your gross earnings without even looking at your outgoing expenses. Sometimes I cannot heat my home because of the amount of monies I am paying for a son I cannot see.

What can I do? I have heard some people declare a nil income. Then I would just save him money every month until he is 16 which is this year.

I am confused and a bit furious about it all. I have even considered becoming unemployed as they are bleeding me dry.

thanks for listening to my rant.

One thought on “Ex stole child away from me and now wants to bleed me dry

  1. Hi

    Like I have said so many times on this site, there is no correlation between the payment of Child Support and access to children. This is deliberate to enable the government to rape society of their assets.

    What you need to do is take the matter to court for access. If you need help with this, please contact me at [email protected].


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