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CMS upped payments and won’t offer any kind of solution

I have been paying child support for a good number of years at £350 which is hard. I had reall trouble finding a job and I ended up taking a job in London which costs me over £400 to get to and from. The CMS have now told me I need to increase my payments to £480 which I just cant afford. I’m being crippled by financial worries and this is just adding to them. I have tried to talk to the CMS who seem completely unwilling to help and just say ‘have a word with your ex’! my ex wants as much money as she can get her hands on and wont budge.

Is there anything I can do?

One thought on “CMS upped payments and won’t offer any kind of solution

  1. Hi. I am afraid there’s nothing you can do. Your ex sounds completely unreasonable and the CSA in whatever guise it calls itself is not open to reason or logic.

    Standard answer by them for ‘I won’t be able to afford to work’ is ‘Well you should have thought of that when you had the baby’. or other gems of wisdom.

    If you have any way of going self-employed, I suggest to do so as soon as possible. That way, you have a chance of avoiding them. You can still pay what you think is fair. Apart from that, your only other recourse is to emigrate.

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