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CSA hounding me for arrears even though I had no income at all!

I have two children which i have never failed to pay for but in October 2017 i had a brackdown and ran away from my family and friends and went to Scotland for five months! i had no contact with anyone in all that time! not good at all! but now im on the mend and getting help but the csa are saying i have to pay 2000 in arrears even thou i had no income during this time at all!! and have no money now.

iv just got a new job and in scared they take it all off me!

Can anyone advise?

2 thoughts on “CSA hounding me for arrears even though I had no income at all!

  1. They’ve assessed I have to pay £27 weekly which is no problem, but they’ve told me I have arrears from 2016 and so monthly in total would be £260!! In 2016 i stopped working so that i could take the ex to court to reinstate contact with my daughter, which I won. I advised the cms of this but they say they have no record to show this!! They won’t budge. So ive requested records of my employment from HMRC. Which I’ll pass to cms. If that doesn’t work I’m in contact with my MP. Who probably won’t care either. The system is an utter joke and discriminatory towards loving Dads

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