CSA not helping because I am a father with care

August 31, 2012

I am a lone parent “dad”.

I have had my son 9 of his 11yrs i gave up work to take him and never got child benefit till he was 7! His mum got it. She still manages a large Spar shop in Nottingham as well as other home buisnesses she and her boyfriend run.

I gave csa her full work and home details 4 yrs ago. Since then i have called them lots to see whats happening? I have a letter of conformation from them detailing my son was due £25 per week backdated 4yrs and they would be setting to arrest wages and get this money, especially when she has absolutely no contact with him and never has?

If this was a man csa would have this done and dusted!!!

I want to do everything in my power to avoid the CSA

August 31, 2012

Please help. About 3 months ago I hooked up with an old flame from my home town and we had sex which then developed into a long distance relationship. 4 weeks later she tells me she’s pregnant, so I calmly explained that I didn’t have the money and that having a child wasn’t part of my plans; I also explained how it would be complicated since I have a job so far away whilst she wants to stay in the town I have tried years to escape from.

Regardless of my efforts to hint that she should get an abortion, she decides to keep the baby and so I have no option but to roll Read more

Can I get a refund from the CSA?

August 31, 2012

I’m now out of the clutches of these bastards. I was assessed under the old rules which were more draconian than the amended rules and they never got round to re assessing me which wasn’t equitable as the new assessment would have cost me considerably less.

Can their inability to reassess me be challenged to enable to to receive a refund?

DEO on wages without any contact from CSA

August 31, 2012

The CSA have put a deo on my wages without contacting me first.

The first I new about it was when the first payment went out of my wages, all my children have grown up & I have always paid for my childrens needs then out of the blue this money started being stopped from my wages £565 a month which I cannot afford to pay.

Now my employer is paying this money the csa won’t discuss it with me so we can sort out if I owe anything at all they say they tried to contact me, but the address they had for me was 6 years old. It now looks like I have got to resign from my job & start claiming benefits because I just can’t afford the amount they are taking I am getting into debt.

I don’t want have to give my job up but can’t find any alternative my company will not stop paying & csa won’t discuss it with me

Sudden arrears means I cannot afford to pay CSA

August 30, 2012

I have been paying the CSA ever since my wife and i split at the rate agreed by them. Recently i had a payrise and informed the CSA of the changes £80 A week.

As from 2010 (aug) i have been paying £74.50 a week for 1 child, following my contact with them 2012 (aug) they have reassesed me and now say i should pay £123 a week and that i sudenly owe £8,500 in arrears and that i need to pay them near to £1100 a month, i cant afford this.

Also i had a case for my daughter which was calculated to zero in 2010 as she had left home and started a family they also say i owe £668 in arrears for that case.

I have sent an appeal letter through my MP who is filing it on my behalf, but i feel i need to do more i dont think the assesment is fair or correct especially the arrears and the £123 a week.

Can you help?

CSA always blames their computer system for errors

August 30, 2012

My husband has to pay csa for his first child which is the problem I have. The problem that I have is that I find them rude and not willing to help when your paying for your could. I have contact the csa numerous of times and asked to speak to manager and guess what never returned my called because when someone from the csa department confirms on the phone that you have no more arrears to pays and then receive a letter saying that you have extra amount to pay and when try to speak to them they say the follow:

It’s the system on the computer that works it out The system just thought that you had payed the previous month If you start paying weekly you will owe more because it has not taken into account the previous weeks before

This I find is so annoying and that at some point the csa should take blame when was previously stated in above you have no more arrears the csa should take blame for giving false information. There is no wonder that people get into arears because they are always wanted more money of you when you a trying to do right something should be done and not be allowed to get away with it. They are so quick to judge and get in contact with you but when you ask them to call you back it never happens should not be allowed to treat people like that and be so rude and blunt on the phone.

What I am trying to say is that m husband shouldn’t have the extra money as I was told that he was up to date with payments.

Partner pays ex for child buy pays for all of his clothes too

August 30, 2012

I am making an enquiry on behalf of my patner. He has a son of five who lives “permanantly” with his mother. However, the child comes to stay with us a minimum of two nights a week and all week during the school holidays. I calculated this at 160 over night stays a year (probably more). At present my partner pays £50 a week to his son’s mother.

She does not however use any of the money to buy the child clothes and/ or personal items, instead it is expected of his Father and I to do so.

It angers me and my partner (who both work full time) that Read more

Can I reclaim money paid to CSA as I have children more than ex?

August 29, 2012

My children live with their paternal nan. I pay csa out of my benefits which is 10 a fortnight. Has been like this for a few years now ..

but im gong through court to get them returned to me. (please note no reason for them to not be at mine eg no child protection , no alcahol drug subtance abuse criminal record violence etc..which is what pople assume…. i was just young .) Anyway I have had them EVERY WEEKEND and HOLIDAY since !! yet i still pay child support and provide for them and not get a penny towards them eg food electric clothing activities . I am on jobseekers only for myself and live alone during week. I give them pocket money and money for trips , trainers , whatever i can afford and i go without .

This is what a mum does so i do not complain.

Even though she claims all the benefits and does not provide them suitable clothes food etc and spends on herself.

I heard that if you have the children more than 26 nights a year i do not need to pay this?????

Please note she does not ask her SON to pay his share of the child mainenence !!Even though he never sees them!!

Yes its a small amount and I do not mind paying . But I find that its the principle that the extra could be going on them which i assure you it is NOT while going to her.

Can I reclaim any maintenance paid to her on the grounds that i have them more than she does as a childminder is not her lol so I can treat my children to holiday or even do up their room here lol as it must be reaching the 1000 overpaid to her at this point now lol

Thank you

Evil ex got the kids just to take money from CSA

August 29, 2012

My husband broke up with his kids mother in 1998 when they were 5 and 18 monthes. she refused to claim child support as she thought it would reduce the amount of benefits she could live off. When i got with him she threw a sh*t fit about money and my now husband gave her 100 a month out of his 750 a month wages. After a few monthes the oldest son moved in with us full time so my husband stopped paying as they now had a child each and his logic was if he had to pay her support she should pay him. After about a year Read more

I can’t give what I don’t have to the CSA

August 29, 2012

My name is paul,and am an absent parent,an yes i shirked my responsibility as a father. until recently i was making regular payments to the CSA of £120.00 per month for arrears,and as such everything was fine. id,e payed back almost £10,000 and then in December of last year i had a re assessment and it jumped to £277.86 per month,the assessment had bin accruing at a rate of £425.00 per month, i agreed to pay this amount but a outstanding balance of £4175.00 was out standing.

I have bin constantly harassed bullied into paying this money at an amount of £238.00 that’s 33% on my wage after deductions. i cannot pay this amount as it will lead to my job loss and loss of my home, they say this deduction is a gesture of good will,but has to be payed by wot ever means. i have had 2 case workers Janet and Arlene, the information goes to to many people who seem to make there own mind up.

I demanded a manager call me back to sort this mess out,but that got know were,i was told that the secretary of state wants his money back, i am sick and fed up with the constant phone calls demanding there money, I CANT GIVE WOT I DON’T HAVE.

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