Thinking of moving abroad to work because of Child Support Agency

June 30, 2011

I was seeing a girl 8 years ago, whilst she told me during our 3week fling that she was using the female pill, still i used rubbers, but one night whilst i was sleeping she came to my home from a night out jumped into my bed and had sex with me, i was still half asleep but the sex continued, when i woke up she had already left and i heard nothing again for 4 weeks where she then comes and tells me she is pregnant, i was shocked and clearly confused as the times we had sex were all protected apart from that 1 time where i was half asleep.

She agreed to an abortion but then backed out at the last minute.

I don’t see the child as the mother has basically bad mouthed me to the child as i wanted an abortion at the beginning and now that is all she says to me, i have to pay for the child as the CSA dont give a sh*t about the circumstances, Read more

I do not want contact with my child but have to pay

June 30, 2011

I split up from my ex just over 3 months ago and with in a week i had a letter from csa asking for £35 a week for the child.

The child is not mine i found out after but i am put on the birth certificate because i was under the inpression that i was the childs father. I found out through my ex that she had slept around while i was out paying the bills etc so she could do what ever she wanted, which was nothing 90% of the time.

I dont have a dna test and i cannot afford a dna test as i have only £20 a week to live on for food etc after bills due to csa doing this and they want to take 300 odd pound for backpayments from me as well so they’re leaving me with Read more

Neither of my parents have to pay CSA

June 29, 2011

I think its rediciolus, neither of my parents have to pay anything for me, even though i am 17 in full time education, 5 days a week, working all weekend and have just had to move out with my partner because my mum decided to have an affair with my boss at the time, who is also my partners aunt! rent is £500 a month and with us doing all we can we only bring in £588, that gives us £88 for food and everything for the month! its stupid all my mums done and she wont pay me a penny.

I feel like she is just laughing at me.

its a fucking joke.

My daughter gets no CSA money from her ex

June 29, 2011

My ex-son-law, who is a senior NCO in the RAF, and on a very good salary I hasten to add is yet once again dodging and lying his way through the CSA system and being allowed to do it!

From our point of view the CSA appears to be there to support these so called ‘loving/selfish fathers’ only. As for CSAs case workers they appear to be on some sort of merry- go- round with constanly differnt ones being assigned to my daughter case.

My daughter who has two children with this ‘person’ has been divorced for seven years and has always worked very hard on mimium wage to support her children, whilst her ex has enjoyed numerous foreign holidays with his many Read more

My identical twin pays less than me to the CSA

June 28, 2011

I am an identical twin. I have 1 fifteen year old son and have paid almost £120,000 in the past 15 years to the CSA, despite never earning more than £20,000/pa in all that time. I am on the ‘old scheme’ and am currently assessed as having to pay %40 of my nett pay for my son who my ex stopped me from seeing 7 years ago by lying about me and claiming I was violent.

My Identical twin has 2 children aged 7 and 4 and is on the ‘new scheme’ so pays 20% of his nett pay to the CSA for them and gets to see them every week. He is on more than £10,000 per year MORE than I am but pays less, is this legal under the Read more

Who gets the money I pay to the CSA?

June 28, 2011

I am an NRP of many years. I pay through a DEO – and boy, do I pay!

Anyway, the abject failings of the CSA to handle the simplest of queries never fails to astonish. I’ve been through a similar situation with payslips – twice – where I’ve queried the random nature of their payment assessment process. I’ve never received the promised re-assessment and on both occasions my payslips were not returned either.

When I’ve contacted them over the phone I get a myriad of reasons Read more

CSA delays resulted in massive arrears

June 27, 2011

When my marriage broke down the CSA sent me a large form to fill in which I did so, promptly. Four months later they wrote again claiming non reciept of my completed form. So I had to complete another. It then took the CSA 3 years to assess my income, by which time I had apparently built up arrears of Circa £6,000. They then took out a Deduction of Earnings order, without advising me, and proceeded to take 40% of my salary every month. I then had a choice, pay my bills or feed myself. I chose the latter which lead to me building up arrears on rent, council tax and utilities, most of which I am still paying off 3 years later. I eventually lost my home and subsequently my job and had to move into my brothers spare room.

I challenged the CSA through my MP and the “Independant Case Examiner” who got Read more

Child Support Agency has taken from my child’s mouth

June 27, 2011

I have 2 previous marriages, and i have to sons to my 1st husband and 1 daughter to my last husband, both husbands have never payed a penny support and both husbands kept the martial home, i have a loving partner now and we have a baby together he has a son by a previous relationship and the poor man the CSA hound him to death, as usual the CSA believe the womans lies, she has always demanded cash and when i met my partner i advised him not to do this he should leave a paper trail now she has a cheque every month through private agreement.

Until the CSA stuck its ugly head in once again and demanded a review even though a private agreement was in place, they now have a court order on his wages and he is paying treble the amount stated on their own calculator when he asked them why Read more

CSA hell for 15 years and counting

June 26, 2011

Hi to all the CSA fans well here is my tale.

May 2008 I received a letter bomb from the CSA. Mr Ward you owe us 4,786 pounds in arrears. I called case work after case work asking where the arrears have come from “Well Mr Ward we re assessed you and back dated the Money you owe us give us ur Money” So since 2008 I have made 23 payments of 160 of my arrears plus my normal CSA payment.

So 23×160= £3680 and since May 2010 i have been paying £72.93 of my arrears plus 318 pounds normal CSA payment for 1 child I have only seen twice.

So 12x 72.93= £875.16 all together i have paid £4555.16 off my arrears leaving £231 pound left to pay off my arrears. Right this is where the problem starts I recently call the CSA asked how much arrears i had left to pay and was told £670 pounds i said how come i have been paying they said well thats what the computer said. I need help how can i pay my arrears off when the CSA keep adding money on i wouldnt mind if I didnt pay but I am paying 319 pounds a month any advice please……….

CSA Morons, and lying cheating ex

June 26, 2011

Well, where do I start? My ex husband left me pregnant, and I also had two children at that time. He was a senior accountant, but told the CSA he was earning an average of £400 a month, and they believed him!! and wrote to me saying that was what he SAID he earned! Fast forward 5 years later, and I am still waiting for back payments 5 years worth.

If David Cameron wants to save money, he should close down the CSA, and all those incompetent slackers who work there will be out of a job they didnt actually do, and let it go back to the courts, where a FAIR system can be carried out without the RED TAPE, that people like my ex husband use as playground material to avoid what is LEGALLY the childrens money!

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