Who gets the money I pay to the CSA?

June 28, 2011

I am an NRP of many years. I pay through a DEO – and boy, do I pay!

Anyway, the abject failings of the CSA to handle the simplest of queries never fails to astonish. I’ve been through a similar situation with payslips – twice – where I’ve queried the random nature of their payment assessment process. I’ve never received the promised re-assessment and on both occasions my payslips were not returned either.

When I’ve contacted them over the phone I get a myriad of reasons as to why this has happened. If I quote what one person has said they normally tell me “this conversation isn’t noted on file”. The eventual outcome is usually that they are right and the decision isn’t worth appealing against.

On of their greatest pieces of mismanagement was when they outsourced their contact centre to an external agency. During yet another reassessment when I changed jobs, this external body managed to calculate my payments based on the total of both payslips I sent in to them – before taxes!

Eventually the contact centre staff managed to input an incorrect payment value, which actually worked in my favour. Despite querying this mistake (as I was wary it would come and bite me eventually), it took 18 months for them to come back and tell me I was underpaying and now had to pay even more than I should have been paying in the first place!

They never accept accountability for their errors.

They’ve overcharged me massively over the years. I used to have a decent job. Lost that, but they continued to charge my account at the same rate despite my periods of unemployment and earning little more than the national minimum wage for several years.

My last conversation with them was over a year ago – they phoned me to tell me I had to pay £480 per month. I told them if they were to enforce that through DEO then they would be giving me no alternative other than to quit work and claim benefits, which wouldnt be sending out the right signals to the taxpayer. They promised to review my case and have held my payments until recently (although I never heard from them).

They’ve decided recently to up them to stupid levels without telling me. Again. So another I’ve another round of this to go through. Joy.

Cameron says one of the main points of focus is the family unit and the community the family lives in. How he can say that when there are Dickensian regimes like the CSA I don’t know. Taking as much money from me as possible is not helping me maintain contact with my kid.

His mother is on benefits, therefore she doesn’t see 90% of the payments. Therefore my kid doesn’t, I certainly don’t! So who does?!


  • David Harney says:

    Your story is sadly all too typical. The CSA is in my view, no better than a vicious callus organization, which is comparable with Hitler`s Gestapo. They compound an already turbulent period for a family, often making the situation intolerable.
    I am still on the Old System & have 4 years left to serve. I count the month down to the day I can once again live my life as a free citizen.
    All the Best!

  • John says:

    Where does your money go?

    M.P.’s expenses.
    Gold plated pensions for civil servants.
    Daily attendance for peers at the House of Lords £300.
    Paying for CSA executive salaries
    Failed I.T projects.
    The benefits system to pay £26k a year for housing benefits.
    Civil servants gold cards to pay for parties and 5 star accomodation.

    Go to your M.P. and give them hell regarding your case!

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