My identical twin pays less than me to the CSA

June 28, 2011

I am an identical twin. I have 1 fifteen year old son and have paid almost £120,000 in the past 15 years to the CSA, despite never earning more than £20,000/pa in all that time. I am on the ‘old scheme’ and am currently assessed as having to pay %40 of my nett pay for my son who my ex stopped me from seeing 7 years ago by lying about me and claiming I was violent.

My Identical twin has 2 children aged 7 and 4 and is on the ‘new scheme’ so pays 20% of his nett pay to the CSA for them and gets to see them every week. He is on more than £10,000 per year MORE than I am but pays less, is this legal under the Human Rights Act? I would love someone to advise me on this as it is eating away at me and my new wife and 4yo son have had to live on the breadline because of the CSA and their balance towards Mothers.

My ex wife has a friend in the CSA who advised her to keep putting in departure notices and appealing against any claim I made for travel etc, I cannot prove this but know it to be fact! Now I’m told I may have to pay for a further 3 years?????


  • rach says:

    hi i totally agree that it is so wrong that the majority of people on csa1 pay more than csa2 unfortunately nobody can afford to take this shambolic company all the way through the human rights court ! one day it will happen just hope its not much longer

  • John says:

    Here, Here Rach.

    I am also waiting for a successful cjallenge to this flawed and not fit for purpose scheme, that involves corrupt civil servants and politicians!

    I swear to god , that if I EVER have enoguh money to drag these corrupt thieves through the courts, I will!

    I want all of the money that I have paid to date, returned with interest and compensation in the way of damages. I would take them to the cleaners as They have done to the likes of us!

    I would also ask for a public inquiry into those who have put their names to this shambles, including politicians, and civil servants!

  • Terry says:

    I agree.

    I am also on CS1 and i have to pay £100 a week out of a take home pay of £364.
    That is before i have payed my morgage bills ect.

    This is from a revision of my case due to change of circumstances

    On CS2 i would only have to pay £55 a week.
    My ex is now walking around in new clothes. Talking about the new furniture she has bought and also paying to get the house decorated.

    I guy did try to take the csa to the human rights court but run out of money before he could get to the end of the case.

  • Rob says:

    I asked the CSA today why i am paying significantly more than a colleague who earns the same and like me has two children. The answer was that i was on the old scheme ….the only difference. I stated that this was clearly unfair and got the usual reply…”we couldnt possibly comment”.
    When you point out obvious inconsistancies and mistakes they just dont want to know. Morally i couldnt do that job knowing it was wrong.

  • s stevenson says:

    If you’ve asked the C.S.A. to re assess your income, and put you on the new scheme, and they refuse – then write or e mail your M.P. and advise him/her of your problems. Your M.P. will contact the C.S.A. at a higher level and it will be investigated. Your M.P. is paid to work on your behalf – use them.

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