Child Support Agency has taken from my child’s mouth

June 27, 2011

I have 2 previous marriages, and i have to sons to my 1st husband and 1 daughter to my last husband, both husbands have never payed a penny support and both husbands kept the martial home, i have a loving partner now and we have a baby together he has a son by a previous relationship and the poor man the CSA hound him to death, as usual the CSA believe the womans lies, she has always demanded cash and when i met my partner i advised him not to do this he should leave a paper trail now she has a cheque every month through private agreement.

Until the CSA stuck its ugly head in once again and demanded a review even though a private agreement was in place, they now have a court order on his wages and he is paying treble the amount stated on their own calculator when he asked them why they said you have never payed for your son so it arrears he said about the private agreement and the CSA called him a liar, the ex confessed to my partner that she had affairs and cheated and she is denying him a DNA test and she has refused access of the child for the last 8 months, by denyinhg him access this gives her more money, clever isnt it that a mother can deny her child to see its father so she can get more money and deny a DNA test so she can still be paid and alienate the child into thinking the father is a bad man when it all lies but the CSA side for the mother every time.

Why have we not got an organisation to help excluded fathers to make sure the CSA does not do this immorale injustice to them. The CSA have now taken from my childs mouth to give to the other mother who the CSA back who is looking out for my child now financially suffering because of the CSA.