Neither of my parents have to pay CSA

June 29, 2011

I think its rediciolus, neither of my parents have to pay anything for me, even though i am 17 in full time education, 5 days a week, working all weekend and have just had to move out with my partner because my mum decided to have an affair with my boss at the time, who is also my partners aunt! rent is £500 a month and with us doing all we can we only bring in £588, that gives us £88 for food and everything for the month! its stupid all my mums done and she wont pay me a penny.

I feel like she is just laughing at me.

its a fucking joke.


  • KMcQ80 says:

    MandaaKatee, learn from the mistakes of your parents (which appear to be lousy role models) otherwise you will, like so many others, end up just like them.
    Just because you have had the misfortune of rotten parents it doesn’t mean you have to be one.

  • MandaaKatee says:

    I won’t be ending up like them, plus i haven’t got any children, if and when i do, i will support my child(ren) with all they wish to do.

    Funny though, i went to citizens advise and they told me it would be easier if i was pregnant or had a child, then i could get benifits.

    Whats this world coming too?!?!

  • John says:

    I was working when I was 16, and living at home with my parents. I gave my mum £30 a month from £120.

    I would never of expected my parents to keep me when I was working. I got out became independent and got my own life!

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