Ex keeps quitting his job so CSA cannot find him

June 20, 2011

I have problems with my ex partner in and out of work. He always tells the csa the day he leaves employment but never tells them when he finds work. Its left for me to find out which can take numerous weeks sometimes.

The csa then only reassess him from the day of contact so i subsequently loose out.

From the 4th July when an ex partner comes off benefits that is the day they will be reassessed from.

Greedy ex wife refused private arrangement

June 20, 2011

I have just made my ex wife a offer of a private agrrement of £30 a week when i go back to work. At the moment im unemployed and paying her £5 for two weeks but she refused my offer of a private agrrement and said she was better off with the csa as she would get more money from them.

She works full time, but the csa would take money from me and give to the child. I’m not against that, wot im against why should the father have half his wage taken and left with nothing after paying the bills and the ex wife keeps her wage when shes using that money for her self to live on?

I pay for the child not her, they would have taken from my wages if i was working. The csa is totaly unfair towards the father and they dont care.

I phoned the csa up today and said to the woman that life was not worth living when they keep phoneing you all the time asking when i was going back to work. I’d rather kill myself than give my greedy ex wife money. She can live on £20 A MONTH for being so greedy

Overpayment made to the CSA

June 19, 2011

24th July 2010, my ex-partmers claim for child support ended. I was paying my montly payment by deductions from earnings order direct from my wages. I received a letter in September 2010 to state that no further payments were due. finally in February 2011 after many phone calls I actually managed to speak to someone of authority and they immediately cancelled the deduction from earnings order.

Again after many phone calls and emails someone actually decided to do a break down of my account and yes they agreed that I had indeed overpayed. It was suggested that the order had not been cancelled Read more

Told I was ‘lost in the system’ by the CSA

June 19, 2011

I made a claim 13 yrs ago, heard nothing so called them only to be told they didnt know who i was…

Many more calls followed, forms were lost, couldnt track the absent father ect so i made a complaint 3 yrs ago. I was lost in their system of hell, obviously a system that is failing parents, it has taken 3 yrs to resolve the complaint, still no resolve. I never recieve a call back or a letter.

Finally last yr they tracked the ex to claim £5.oo pw (why even bother) then 4 months later it stopped with no explanation. Yet again I’m on the phone and guess what, its an error and im owed £550.oo in back payments but ill recieve the arrears at £1.oo per wk.

I finally found the name of the chief executive MR STEPHEN GHERITY, and wrote a stinking letter demanding to know why for 13 years i have battled them to no avail.

I did recieve a call and apparently im in line for compensation…woooo hoooo.

No don’t hold ya breath, just around £100.00 for my 13 year battle, to be told dont waste money on legal advice coz thats all my case is worth.. so advice to parents you will probably do a better job on your own and let all those running away from their kids stick their money on councelling understanding why their kids have no time for them……..

I have made an official complaint against the Child Support Agency

June 18, 2011

I am the partner of what I believe is termed an NRP? (I feel like that’s some kind of slur against my partner (Paul), who is a devoted father with shared parenting) In just 9/10 months of dealing with the CSA we are now at the point that an official complaint has been raised.

Dumb question; does anyone find it funny that the CSA are allowed to investigate themselves?

Here’s our story;

To start with I was angry and tried to stay out of dealings with the agency, Paul had always paid his ex more then the 15% a week shared care payment in a private arrangement, but when he was made redundant it dropped to £5 per week, his ex was lead to believe on approaching the CSA that they could facilitate the higher payments starting again, yes, she believed the CSA could get £30 per week from a guy on JSA!!

When the CSA finally “caught up” with Paul (he had at this point found employment and had told them where he was working, (mistakenly by phone)), he volunteered Deduction of Earnings, and even forgave them leaving him Read more

No payment for 4 years

June 18, 2011

Its been nearly 4 years.. and not a penny from my daughters dad. She is now 11. He has his own jewel business and when at first he produced his accounts the CSA worked it out that he pays me £5 a week. I went mad and told them how he is taking the micky out of them and tax man. Then they reviewed and came up with £90 a week. He refused to pay and said there was a change in cicumstances.. yes, another baby!! He refuses to send any accounts and actually told them on the phone he wont be paying any money at all!!!

They are still sitting on the case.. everytime I call I get the same thing..they have to follow procedure.. !!

Need help!!

If I was on Income Support Im sure something would have been done years ago!!! no happy..

CSA rules on fathers who are students

June 17, 2011

Can someone/anyone please help me to find some legislation on being a student and how and what you are expected to pay please?

I have been studying for the past 4 years and have been exempt from paying maintenance now since Jan 2011 they have decided to reassess me and have started saying that I must now pay money from my student loan and maintenance grant.

They keep quoting me some legislation but cannot provide me with it, I have searched the internet but no joy.

Does anyone out there now anything about CSA and being a NRP student?

Many thanks


Employer fails to pay the DOE and CSA does not chase

June 17, 2011

I have no idea what’s happening with my payments. My ex has a DOE but it rarely gets paid, if it does get paid i usually have to phone the CSA and it then gets transferred. I phone them at least once a month and the employer has been sent many warning letters. Why hasn’t the employer been fined yet?

I’m dismayed by some of the comments on here by some of the fathers. It seems the bad fathers get away with not paying yet the ones who want to help support their kids are crusified. My ex takes home around £550 a week, i take home Read more

CSA and Fairfax solicitors rip off merchants!

June 16, 2011

I am a 44 year old father of two. My daughter is nearly 18 and my son is 12. I have made payments for my daughter on and off from her age of 3 or so. My son is from a different mother, and I have never missed a payment of cash payment (not through the CSA) advided by the CSA. The CSA think I owe over £11,000 in arrears for my daughter and have got Fairfax (Rotweiller) solicitors to collect the money by order of attachment of earnings £348.78 per month! I earn £900 pm and work for charity! (WRONG!)

I don’t even have to pay any maintenance for my daughter any Read more

Reducing energy costs with solar panels

June 16, 2011

Whether you’re a non-resident parent or a parent with care, one thing is certain of your involvement with the Child Support Agency; you’ll be all the poorer for it. Therefore, when the CSA gets involved in your life and your finances, one thing you’ll inevitably have to do is cut back on your expenditure.

Cutting back on nights out, trips to the cinema and alcohol is one thing, but it’s often much harder to cut back on necessary expenses such as gas and electric. These are the things you need to survive and, when there are children involved, they become even more vital.

However, with the advent of solar panel technology and the wave of support for renewable energies, solar panels are one option that can see you actually reduce your energy costs without compromising on your usage. Solar panel installation can be Read more

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