CSA and Fairfax solicitors rip off merchants!

June 16, 2011

I am a 44 year old father of two. My daughter is nearly 18 and my son is 12. I have made payments for my daughter on and off from her age of 3 or so. My son is from a different mother, and I have never missed a payment of cash payment (not through the CSA) advided by the CSA. The CSA think I owe over £11,000 in arrears for my daughter and have got Fairfax (Rotweiller) solicitors to collect the money by order of attachment of earnings £348.78 per month! I earn £900 pm and work for charity! (WRONG!)

I don’t even have to pay any maintenance for my daughter any more and she has even moved 300 miles away from her mother because she’s on drugs etc. The arrears have never been confirmed and the amount left in my wages doesn’t leave me enough to pay my rent! I live in Guildford, one of the highest rent areas in the country! Please help! Has anyone had the same experience???

Does it matter how long it takes me to clear any arrears? At that rate I’ll be in hospital and no one will get any money! I rest my case!


  • Nicola says:

    If you ex appliced to the CSA many years ago they may have re looked at your case of may have only just found you if you have moved and they pluck the calculations out of thin air but you can ask for a statement to detail how these arrears mounted. Unfortunatly if you owe arrears for a child you will only be free once they have been paid in full, they would even take £5 a week off your pension, and this is regardless of your childs age and even if you become bankrupt this debt still needs to be paid. You best bet is to keeping phoning however judging by posts on here that would be pointless and get you no where the CSA are ruthless 🙂

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