Overpayment made to the CSA

June 19, 2011

24th July 2010, my ex-partmers claim for child support ended. I was paying my montly payment by deductions from earnings order direct from my wages. I received a letter in September 2010 to state that no further payments were due. finally in February 2011 after many phone calls I actually managed to speak to someone of authority and they immediately cancelled the deduction from earnings order.

Again after many phone calls and emails someone actually decided to do a break down of my account and yes they agreed that I had indeed overpayed. It was suggested that the order had not been cancelled because I had arrears!!!

How they can think that when as anyone who has a dedections from earnings order cannot possibly have arrears as because especially in my case the claim was only valid for 5 months and they carried on taking money for 7 months beyond that. Mid April 2011 I agreed to a sum of money that I had overpayed, I am informed that I will receive some forms to fill in and return. That was two months ago. Still no sign of a form or any cheque. I phone and am told we will look into in.

I ask for a call back and no-one ever calls. I took my complain to the last step of the system with them. I sent in a letter of complaint nearly a month ago and still have not had any joy. What do I do now? Please help!