Told I was ‘lost in the system’ by the CSA

June 19, 2011

I made a claim 13 yrs ago, heard nothing so called them only to be told they didnt know who i was…

Many more calls followed, forms were lost, couldnt track the absent father ect so i made a complaint 3 yrs ago. I was lost in their system of hell, obviously a system that is failing parents, it has taken 3 yrs to resolve the complaint, still no resolve. I never recieve a call back or a letter.

Finally last yr they tracked the ex to claim £5.oo pw (why even bother) then 4 months later it stopped with no explanation. Yet again I’m on the phone and guess what, its an error and im owed £550.oo in back payments but ill recieve the arrears at £1.oo per wk.

I finally found the name of the chief executive MR STEPHEN GHERITY, and wrote a stinking letter demanding to know why for 13 years i have battled them to no avail.

I did recieve a call and apparently im in line for compensation…woooo hoooo.

No don’t hold ya breath, just around £100.00 for my 13 year battle, to be told dont waste money on legal advice coz thats all my case is worth.. so advice to parents you will probably do a better job on your own and let all those running away from their kids stick their money on councelling understanding why their kids have no time for them……..


  • karen bedford says:

    Emma the CSA are lost in the system! What system I ask do they have one, news to me!
    Please join the facebook groups child support agencies faiings and others which will give advice and support all free – as there are 100s of us affected by this mess, while the fathers who support their children are basically supporting the children not supported by their fathers and Im supporting all (like many) as a taxpayer too, so not only did I support my children, I supported his other children, his ex and him by by taxes – so makes sense – not! Good luck only things I can say is you have to keep on at them, keep records of everything, otherwise they will very easily forget about you.

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